SWIM Magazine March 1996


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Swimming’s Scientific “Studmuffin”

By Mindy Bach. Think scientists are all a bunch of bespeckled nerds in lab coats with pocket -protectors? Think again. Mastersswimmer Brian Scottoline, Ph.D.—Mr. January in the 1996 “Studmuffins of Science” sports calendar—is serious about his re-search and his swimming. It shows!


Swimming With Jimmy Breslin

By Mara Bovsun. The Pulitzer Prize winning writer has overcome a serious bout with alcoholism by swimming his way to health.


U.S. Swimming Olympic Team Trials

A 16 -page guide for the U.S. Swimming Olympic Team Trials includes stories about some of the most dramatic moments in the history of the Trials as well as personality profiles and a complete schedule of events.


Masters’ Super Swimmers

By Phillip Whitten. SWIM Magazine’s look back at the top USMS Masters swimming performers and performances of 1995.