SWIM Magazine January 1996


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Editor’s Note

Olympic Opportunity


Just Add Water


USMS Notes Health Waves


Swim for Fitness

Hard Work Doesn’t Always Pay Off by Terry Laughlin.

Swim Perfect Fly in 8 Laps by Brent Rutemiller


USMS Nationals Entry Form


Swim Shopper


Working Out









by Robert Ross


In Search of the Perfect Goggle

By Emmett Hines. In the most ambitious evaluation of goggles ever undertaken, SWIM Magazine rates your favorites.


Basking in Post – Olympic Glory

By Phillip Whitten. Dara Torres, 3 -time Olympian, has made the transition from swimmer to successful TV personality and model.


A Need for Speed

By Donnie Webb. A national Masters champion in the pool and a world -class motorcycle racing record holder, Scott Guthrie truly lives life in the fast lane.


Year in Review

1995 was a banner year in swimming. From the continued contro- versy over Chinese steroid use to USMS membership surpassing the 30,000 mark, SWIM Magazine takes a look at the highlights.