SWIM Magazine September 1992


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“Old Folks” At The Olympics

By Phil Whitten, Ph.D.


Coping With The Off -Season Blahs

By Nancy Steadman Martin


Less May Be Best

An interview with Dr. David Costill by Hal Higdon.


From the Publisher

By Richard Deal


Letters to the Editor


From the USMS President

By Dan Gruender


Health Waves


From the Executive Secretary

By Dorothy Donnelly



By Linda Houtkooper, Ph.D., R.D.


My Open -Water Swim

By Rob Copeland


The Dreaded Dropped Elbow

By Emmett Hines


Personal Best: Martha Munzer


I Started at 59

By Bill Meyer


Sports Medicine for Swimmers

By R.E. Glousman, M.D.


Off to the Masters

By Richard Langler


Almost Making a Winner Out of My Wife

By T. Lyndon


Planning Backwards

By D. Samuelsohn & J. Geogheghan


Preview: From the Fast Lane


Indy’s for Masters & Results

By Tom Lyndon