Phoebe Bacon, Regan Smith Throw Down 2:06’s in 200 Back at TYR Pro Swim Series Indianapolis

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Phoebe Bacon and Regan Smith put up the two fastest times in the nation on Friday night at the TYR Pro Swim Series in Indianapolis as Bacon edged out the world record holder with a 2:06.84, while Smith was a 2:06.90. Both times are faster than the fastest time in the nation this year that was Rhyan White (2:07.2) as they look to be the future of backstroke for the United States pending on what happens at Olympic Trials this summer.

Bacon on her race: “I knew both of us (Regan Smith and I) were going to be out fast, and I knew I could keep up with her on that first 100 (meters). For me, it was just all about hammering down that last 100, especially that last 50. I knew I couldn’t let her get out of my eyesight. I had to keep her right there with me, and just try and pull ahead on that finish.”

Bacon and Smith are now third and fourth in the world for 2021 as the summer starts to get underway and more and more swimmers qualify for the Olympics. They still have some work to do to catch Aussie Kaylee McKeown, but both Bacon and Smith lowered their season best. Five American women are ranked in the top ten in the world for 2021.

2021 World Rankings Women’s 200 Back

  1. 2:04.31, Kaylee McKeown, AUS
  2. 2:05.56, Margherita Panziera, ITA
  3. 2:06.84, Phoebe Bacon, USA
  4. 2:06.90, Regan Smith, USA
  5. 2:07.24, Rhyan White, USA
  6. 2:07.46, Emily Seebohm, AUS
  7. 2:07.54, Kathleen Baker, USA
  8. 2:08.12, Isabelle Stadden, USA
  9. 2:08.14, Kathleen Dawson, GBR
  10. 2:08.20, Katalin Burian, HUN

Mariella Venter, who represents South Africa, was third at 2:12.11, under the B standard of 2:14.30. Venter swims for the University of Michigan as she finished ahead of Virginia’s Alex Walsh (2:13.51) and Minnesota grad Tevyn Waddell (2:13.91).


  1. Phoebe Bacon, 2:06.84
  2. Regan Smith, 2:06.90
  3. Mariella Venter, 2:12.11
  4. Alex Walsh, 2:13.51
  5. Tevyn Waddell, 2:13.91
  6. Anna Freed, 2:14.92
  7. Taylor McCoy, 2:15.13
  8. Ali Galyer, 2:15.97


Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

In the men’s 200 back, Ohio State’s Thomas Watkins swam a 1:59.21 to win the race with a new best time as the New Zealand native was under the FINA B standard of 2:01.03 as he has a chance to go to Tokyo. Harvard’s Will Grant finished in second at 1:59.43 after leading on each turn, but was run down by Watkins as Grant is now fourth in the nation, lowering his own season best of 1:59.4.

Alex Gliese, who represents Denmark, finished third at 1:59.75 ahead of Singapore’s Andy Song (1:59.89), who trains with the stacked Cal backstroke group.


  1. Thomas Watkins, 1:59.21
  2. Will Grant, 1:59.43
  3. Alex Gliese, 1:59.75
  4. Andy Song, 1:59.89
  5. Jack Wever, 2:01.35
  6. Anthony Rincon, 2:01.94
  7. Jack Dolan, 2:03.87
  8. Wyatt Davis, 2:03.92

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