Passages: Former British Swimmer Tazmin Pugh Dies in House Fire

Photo Courtesy: Jza84

Former British swimmer Tazmin Pugh passed away in a house fire that occurred near Worcester on Sunday evening.

Pugh, 18, was the 2016 European Junior Champion in the 200 backstroke in 2016, setting a best time of 2:11.12. That ranks her 19th all-time in the 200 back in all of Great Britain.

Pugh attended Ellesmere College and swam for the Ellesmere Titans under head coach John Pardoe.

“She was always a positive, enthusiastic, bubbly character,” former coach Pardoe said.

“She gave up a year ago but I have no doubt if she had carried on swimming she would have qualified for the next Olympics, she was a fantastic swimmer.”

You can read a full obituary here.

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