Paralympians Dash World Records; Natasha Lloyd Picks Up New Zealand Mark

WELLINGTON, New Zealand, September 30. WHILE the Paralympians definitely took a torch to the world record book in the Paralympic division, North Canterbury’s Natasha Lloyd wound up with a New Zealand national mark in the 200-meter breaststroke at the New Zealand State Short Course Championships.

Lloyd powered her way to the New Zealand record in the women’s 200-meter breaststroke twice, first breaking it in prelims before downing the mark even further during the finale. Lloyd touched in 2:27.08 during prelims before clipping the 2:27 barrier with a 2:26.99 for a win during the evening swim. That’s a huge statement for Lloyd as the 17 year old has been battling injuries the past few years.

“I’m really pleased with that. It’s such a relief. I’ve had a pretty rough two years with three surgeries and a couple of strained groins so I’m absolutely over the moon, I’m so happy,” said Lloyd. “Two months out the goal was to break the open record and then a couple of weeks ago I strained my groin so we had to go back to square one. But we kept up the positive thoughts and I’ve had a fantastic support team around me and they’ve really helped to bring me back up.”

Sophie Pascoe and Mary Fisher put on a show in the Paralympic events with Pascoe taking down the global mark in the 100-meter free, while Fisher turned in a 50-meter fly world record. Pascoe finished with a 59.50 to crack the world record in the 100-meter free, while Fisher posted a 32.91 for the sprint fly standard.

Meanwhile, Laura Quilter won the overall women’s 100-meter free just ahead of world short course 800-meter free champion Lauren Boyle, 54.29 to 54.62, before just missing the women’s 50-meter fly national record with a 26.64. Boyle returned in her pet event with an 8:13.45 to capture the 800-meter free later in the evening.


Women 100m freestyle: Laura Quilter (North Shore) 54.29, 1; Lauren Boyle (North Shore) 54.62, 2; Samantha Lee (Capital) 55.69, 3.

AWD Multiclass: Sophie Pascoe (QEII) 59.50, 1 (World Record); Mary Fisher (Capital) 1:11.17, 2; Tayla Clements (North Shore) 1:13.31, 3.

Men 400m medley: Bradlee Ashby (Fairfield) 4:14.15, 1; Nathan Capp (Greerton) 4:15.02, 2; Wilrich Coetzee (North Shore) 4:17.94, 3.

Women 50m butterfly: Laura Quilter (North Shore) 26.64, 1; Samantha Lee (Capital) 27.03, 2; Caroline Baddock (North Shore) 27.73, 3.

AWD Multiclass: Mary Fisher (Capital) 32.91, 1 (World Record); Emily Grace (St Pauls) 36.69, 2; Bryal McPherson (North Shore) 36.82, 3.

Men 50m freestyle: Cameron Simpson (Templeton) 21.99, 1; Nielsen Varoy (Roskill) 22.13, 2; Samuel Perry (St Peters) 22.39, 3.

AWD Multiclass: Daniel Holt (North Shore) 25.78, 1; Daniel Gaualofa (Bay of Islands) 27.78, 2; Jesse Reynolds (Fairfield) 28.77, 3.

Women 200m breaststroke: Natasha Lloyd (North Canterbury) 2:26.99, 1 (NZ Record); Jane Ip (West Auckland) 2:28.49, 2; Emily McGill (Capital) 2:32.69, 3.

Women 800m freestyle: Lauren Boyle (North Shore) 8:13.45, 1; Tabitha Baumann (North Shore) 8:26.20, 2; Emma Robinson (Capital) 8:41.65, 3.