PanAm Sports / UANA Swim Camp Tours ISHOF


On Sunday, June 10th, the first PanAm Sports / UANA Swim Camp visited the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) for a tour. The visit, hosted by Azura Florida Aquatics and coach Gianluca Alberani, brought swimmers and coaches from 20 different Caribbean, South and Central American nations to south Florida as part of a swim camp. Apart from water and dry-land sessions held at Nova Southeastern University, the camp offered participants a video analysis with a world class biomechanics specialist, a recovery session with a very well known NFL trainer, a nutritionist session, a sport psychologist session and much more. While at ISHOF, the athletes and coaches learned more about the history of our incredible sport and the evolution of it through the years.


Photo Courtesy:ISHOF

“A special thanks to Mr. Wigo” writes coach Alberani, “for his knowledge and passion and for keeping this museum one on the most special sport museums in the world.”