Olympians and Paralympian Shine in Two New Book Titles


CG Sports Publishing’s August releases include a confidence journal, memoir

CG Sports Publishing will launch two Olympic sports-themed titles in August. Coach Christen Shefchunas’ confidence journal, 30 Days to Confident – a 30 Day Confidence Challenge for Female Athletes will be published Aug. 3. Swimming Paralympian McKenzie Coan’s memoir, Breaking Free – Shattering Expectations and Thriving with Ambition in Pursuit of Gold, will be available Aug. 11.

30 Days to Confident guides the reader through a monthlong exercise in building and trusting confidence to be more successful in sport and in life. The journal draws on Shefchunas’ decades of experience working with female athletes to reach their greatest potentials. Shefchunas, known professionally as Coach Christen, has helped dozens of Olympians in her career, including seven who will compete in this year’s Tokyo Games.


Coach Christen book challenges female athletes to build confidence; Photo Courtesy: CG Sports

30 Days to Confident uses real-life examples and exercises as it challenges the reader to examine what might be holding her back from performing her best. Throughout the book, Shefchunas encourages a realistic outlook to help the reader find her own truths and build confidence in herself.

“Real confidence always revolves around truth,” Shefchunas says.

Both 30 Days to Confident and Breaking Free tackle many of today’s hot topics in sport and in life, including goal setting, mental health, self-care, and body image.

Coan’s memoir tells of her life with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease, as she navigates the world of competitive swimming. Coan is a three-time Paralympic swimming gold medalist and world record holder who looks to defend her freestyle titles at this year’s Tokyo Games.


McKenzie Coan, World Record holder, Paralympian’s new memoir; Photo Courtesy: CG Sports

Never expected to sit, stand, walk, or even possibly live, Coan has spent her life defying the odds. Between extended hospital stays and sometimes months in a body cast, Coan carved out a successful swimming career, starting in para swim meets at the age of 8.

As she describes in the book, she has lived a “lifetime of unlikeliness.”

The books are available through Ingram and will be sold by Amazon and other major retailers. Preorder sales of 30 Days to Confident are open now through Barnes & Noble or Amazonhttps://oif.org/ Preorder sales of Breaking Free will run from Aug. 2-10. Coan will donate a portion of preorder proceeds to the OI Foundation, an organization that works to better the lives of people living with osteogenesis imperfecta.


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