Norwegian Swimmers Impacted by Local Strike as Pools are Closed

BERGEN, Norway, May 30. AFTER competing at an emotional European Long Course Championships in Debrecen, which included multiple memorials of the untimely passing of Alexander Dale Oen, Norwegian swimmers returned to shuttered pools according to

A strike in Bergen has led to pools in the city being shut down, with swimmers still trying to gain Olympic qualifying times prior to the final Olympic field being chosen next month.

“This is a crisis, as we do not have any swimming facilities available,” head coach Finn Zachariassen told “We are right in the thick of championships preparations, and we have 20 swimmers in the middle of that preparation. A week without a pool could be fatal. We train twice a day in the water in addition to our strength and base training outside the pool.”

Swimmers like Sindri Jakobsson, who has two weeks to prepare for another effort to make the Olympics during the Dutch Open in Amsterdam, is one of the swimmers currently kicked out of a chance to swim.

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Special thanks to Swimming World correspondent Rokur Jakupsstovu of Swimmer's Daily for pointing out the news.