North Carolina State vs. Davidson

DAVIDSON, North Carolina, November 7. THE NC State men's and women's swimming and diving teams swept the Davidson Wildcats on Saturday, Nov. 7, setting three Cannon Pool records along the way. On the women's side Anna Linkenauger set a new pool record in the 400 individual medley, while Patrice Dason, Ashley Richter, Allison Hendren and Marifrances Henley combined to set a new standard in the 200-freestyle relay. Brandon Kingston established a new record on the men's side in the 1000 freestyle.

The Wolfpack men stayed unbeaten and moved to 3-0 (2-0 ACC) with its
167-100 decision, while the women climbed to 4-1 (1-1 ACC) on a 157-129

Linkenauger's 4:22.16 set a new pool record at Davidson and stood as the
top time in the 400 individual medley, as did the 1:36.53 put up by
Dason, Richter, Hendren and Henley in the 200-freestyle relay. Earlier
in the day Dason, Linkenauger, Meg Thompson and Richter won the
200-medley relay on a 1:48.11.

Maggie McEnerney (10:29.14) and Kirsten Esplin (10:38.24) took the top
two spots in the 1000 freestyle, as did Henley (1:52.20) and Hendren
(1:54.70) in the 200 freestyle. Morgan Robertson then won the 100
backstroke with a 59.14, while Thompson (1:08.17), Sarah Merritt
(1:08.55) and Jessica Stewart (1:08.92) grabbed the first three finishes
in the 100 breaststroke.

Maresa Like-Mathews won the 200 butterfly on a 2:05.38, while
Linkenauger (2:06.05) and Jessica McBroom (2:08.97) placed second and
third respectively. Erica Waters (25.17) and Amanda Panty (25.22)
finished second and third in the 50 freestyle, while Hannah Hopkins
(254.26) won the 1-meter dive and Kirstyn Shepler (245.86) ended up

Dason (52.26) and Henley (52.63) ended up second and third in the 100
freestyle, as Robertson (2:08.05) won the 200 backstroke and Chelsa
Messinger (2:09.83) took third. Jessica Ward (2:23.55), Merritt
(2:27.10) and Stewart (2:27.39) finished one-two-three in the 200
breaststroke, and Kopenitz's 5:07.40 took first in the 500 freestyle.
Dason's 57.00 in the 100 butterfly was the fastest time.

On the men's end, Kingston's 9:33.27 almost right off the bat in the
1000 freestyle set a new pool record at the Davidson facility. Kevin
Woodhull-Smith (9:53.53) and Nick Brittis (9:53.68) rounded out the
top-three in the 1000 freestyle, while Travis Martinez won the 200
freestyle on a 1:43.97. Nick Schauer (53.61) and Matt Voell (54.48)
placed second and fourth respectively in the 100 backstroke, as Dan
59.75 landed him first in the 100 breaststroke.

Mason McGee (1:53.32), Mike Seiferth (1:56.89), Sean Reams (1:59.14) and
Tyler Mills (1:59.22) swiped up the top four finishes in the 200
butterfly, as Conor Brennan (21.81) and Martinez (22.27) took first and
second in the 50 freestyle. Hudson Rains (316.87) and Chris Arcara
(261.15) then finished first and second in the 1-meter dive, while McGee
(47.47) and Voell (48.73) did the same in the 100 freestyle. Ben Mechak
won the 200 backstroke with a 1:55.29, and Greg Baskwell (2:07.55) and
Forsythe (2:08.77) followed by placing first and second in the 200
breaststroke. Kingston (4:52.12), Seiferth (4:53.91) and Mills (4:54.40)
took the top three spots in the 500 freestyle, while Reams' 52.03 was
the best in the 100 butterfly. Rains put up a 322.57 in the 3-meter and
Arcara added a 293.18, while Woodhull-Smith's 4:03.73 was fastest in the
400 individual medley. Brennan, Brown, Mechak and Martinez ended the day
by recording a 1:26.46 in the 200-freestyle relay.

The NC State men's and women's swimming and diving teams will return to
action at the Georgia Tech Invitational in Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 20-22.

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