New Olympian Jordan Wilimovsky Wins Mile at Nationals – Video Interview

Photo Courtesy: Peter Bick

Jordan Wilimovsky has had a pretty successful past few weeks. Wilimovsky won gold in the 10k open water event at the World Championships in Kazan, ensuring himself a spot in that race at the Olympics next year (a race that will also include fellow American Sean Ryan). Wilimovsky then continued training and flew to the other side of the world, where he posted a 14:57.05 to win the men’s 1500 at U.S. Nationals.

After his mile at Nationals, Wilimovsky discussed his whirlwind past few weeks. He talked about the nerves that he felt before the big race in Kazan, how confident he felt headed in, and when he realized that he had not only won the race but that Ryan would also be going to the Olympics with him. He also discussed how he will approach swimming the 1500 at Olympic Trials having already ensured himself a spot on the Olympic team.