National Swimming Pool Foundation Awards 2016 Scholarships And Fellowships Grants

Joshua Santillo2
Photo Courtesy: National Swimming Pool Foundation

Colorado Springs, COLORADO, September 14, 2016 – Six university students have been awarded scholarship and fellowship grants through the National Swimming Pool Foundation ® (NSPF®) for the fall 2016 semester. Mia Cann, Emily Sara Cooke, Timothy Hiu Yeung Metz, Tiffany Robinson, Joshua Santillo, and Jennie Wung were notified in August of the $1,000-$2,000 grants that would be provided to each individual.

Annually, NSPF provides scholarships to applicants who are active Certified Pool/Spa Operators, NSPF Instructors, or the immediate family member of the former. Fellowship recipients must be either enrolled full-time while pursuing an advanced academic degree or a post-doctoral researcher at an academic institution. Both must provide an application before June 1.

NSPF scholarship funding is provided by leaders of the industry; there is the Phil Sperber Scholarship, previous NSPF board member; the Don Burns Scholarship, previous NSPF board member; and the NSPF Board Scholarship. Fellowship recipient Jennie Wung, will not only receive $2,000 but also additional funds to attend the World Aquatic HealthTM Conference (WAHC) in October 2016 in at the Sheraton Music City Hotel.

“I am immensely grateful to the NSPF for the generous fellowship award,” started Jennie Wung of the Department of Environmental Health Science at UCLA. “The funds will allow me to research the topic of chloramine interference that has been a question to the UCLA recreational water program for the last 3 years. My hope is that my findings will, by extension, be beneficial to the recreational water community and help shape health policy on a national level.”


Photo Courtesy: National Swimming Pool Foundation

Data science student, Joshua Santillo stated “To me, being a recipient of this scholarship means that I’ve demonstrated that I can connect with people through our common values. Also, that others have enough faith in me and in my education to help make that investment with me.”

“Education is key to our mission,” began NSPF, CEO, Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D. “Helping CPOTM Certification families attend college aligns with our mission and hearts. We hope that these grants will help students in our field accomplish not only their own goals, but help shape the future of aquatics as well.”

The recipients hail from the following schools: Mia Cann of Shenandoah University, Virginia; Emily Sara Cooke of University of Utah; Timothy Hiu Yeung Metz of Westmont College, California; Tiffany Robinson of University of Arkansas; Joshua Santillo of Georgia Institute of Technology, and Jennie Wung of University of California, Los Angeles, California.

Updated application forms for next year’s scholarships and grants are now available at

About the National Swimming Pool Foundation ®

We believe everything we do helps people live healthier lives. Whether it’s encouraging more aquatic activity, making pools safer, or keeping pools open, we believe we can make a difference. NSPF® offers products and programs that are technically sound, convenient, and beautifully designed. In 2012, we launched the Step Into SwimTM Campaign, a 10 year initiative to create one million more swimmers. In 2016, to further their mission, NSPF combined forces with Genesis, an educational leader for builders of residential pools and spas. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit located in Colorado Springs, CO., proceeds go to fund research and to help create swimmers. The National Swimming Pool Foundation has been keeping pools safe and open since 1965. Visit,, or call 719-540-9119 to learn more.

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mijinyawa nimrold linus
7 years ago

good afternoon ,
i want to know if the grants , is been give to every body outside United states of America
Thank you

6 years ago

I lived in colorado springs for 8 years. Loved it out there. Glad to see these students are getting additional grants to help support their education and my hats off to the NSPF. Appreciate you guys supporting our students. They do so much and we already have enough student loan debt in this country at $1.4 trillion. Assisting students and easing their student loan debt is a quite commendable.