Mizuno Releases Expanded Swim Collection to Compliment GX-Sonic V in U.S. Market


Acclaimed “Mizuno Suit” Available in U.S.; New MX-Sonic, Exer and Stream Ace Introduced

Mizuno, a global leader in sporting goods and apparel, announced today that it is adding swim lanes to their swim product offering with the introduction of new tech and training suits, MX-Sonic, Exer and Stream Ace, to round out the full swim portfolio lead by the Mizuno suit, GX-Sonic V, available on MizunoUSA.com today. Swimmers can maximize their potential at all ages and skill level.

“Swimming continues to evolve with new technologies helping athletes push the limits of their potential,” said Tomohiro Ota, Chief Marketing Officer of Mizuno USA. “The Mizuno suit has proven our prowess in fast suit design and engineering, yet our commitment to the sport of swimming extends beyond the elite level with suit options for beginner to mid-level swimmers. The full spectrum of swim gear will enable us to be a part of swimmers journey from day one.”

The MX-Sonic tech suit is designed with superior compression and added water resistance to minimize drag. Equipped with Flat Swim Concept leveraging the same material as the popular GX-Sonic IV with sewn seams, the MX-Sonic is built for the prospective high school or collegiate swimmer seeking to make their mark. Built for speed, the MX-Sonic keeps your body fresh throughout the entire race.


MX-Sonic tech suit by Mizuno; Photo Courtesy: Lucan McAfee


MIZUSA Swim Launch Press Release_Jan 2020_FINAL

Mizuno’s MX-Sonic tech suit is designed with superior compression and added water resistance to minimize drag.

The Exer suit is designed for practice, competition and everything in between. Built with 100% polyester for increased life cycle, the Exer is on trend with high hip height, double-strap option and open back style for women. It is a go-to suit for practice offering durability and flexibility for repeated daily exercises.  Exer is available in both Men’s and Women’s models.


Available in assorted women’s styles to achieve the best individual fit and comfort; Photo Courtesy: Lucan McAfee


Recommended for entry-level swimmers aged 12 and under, the Stream Ace, is designed for race day with a new water resistant material that minimizes drag during the race. Available in a variety of Men’s and Women’s styles to achieve the best individual fit and comfort.


The Stream Ace by Mizuno; Photo Courtesy: Lucan McAfee


Essential Mizuno swim accessories, including Mizuno googles and swim caps, will also be available starting January 15, 2020. For more information about Mizuno swim products available in the U.S. visit MizunoUSA.com. Follow @MizunoSwimNorthAmerica on Instagram for the latest swim news and product releases.

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