MIT Swimming & Diving Welcomes 23 Athletes to Incoming Class of 2022

Photo Courtesy: MIT Athletics

Cambridge, Mass. (July 24) – A combined 23 incoming freshmen – 13 women and 10 men – will be added to the men’s and women’s MIT swimming & diving teams this fall, as announced by Mary Frances Wagley ’47 Head Coach Dani Korman earlier this week.

“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome the Class of 2022 to the MIT Swimming and Diving family.  The entire class is incredibly talented in and out of the pool and will continue to build our team’s culture and success.  I am honored to be able to work with them for the next four years and look forward to watching them grow during their time at MIT,” said Korman.

Both teams capped their respective seasons by winning the New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference (NEWMAC) Swimming and Diving Championship, along with finishing in the top-6 at the NCAA Division III Championship. The men’s program registered their best team score at Nationals since 2012-13 with 252.50 points and their fifth place finish marked the sixth time in program history that they have took home fifth place or better at the NCAA meet. The women’s team took home a sixth place finish and scored the most points in program history (211) at the NCAA Division III National Championship.

Nicholas Baginski

Hawthorn Woods, Ill. – Adlai E. Stevenson High School
Top Times:
50-Free – 20.79
100-Free – 45.09
100-Fly – 49.64
“I chose MIT because of how well it met my academic and athletic goals. The swim team provides a highly motivated environment while the school grants me endless resources for my educational and research needs. With no other school offering the student athlete balance I found at MIT, it became clear that MIT was the place for me.”

Kyri Chen

Naperville, Ill. – Brooklyn Technical High School
Top Times:
50-Free – 20.51
100-Free – 46.17
100-Back – 50.52
“From the moment I set foot on campus, I fell in love with the MIT community. The team culture was incredible and the swimmers had a clear desire to succeed both in the pool and the classroom. I chose MIT because I knew it would help me reach my goals and develop as a person.”

Alex Ellison

Tomball, Texas – Tomball Memorial High School
Top Times:
100-Free – 45.49
200-Free – 1:39.62
500-Free – 4:38.58
“The boundless opportunities in and out of the pool, friendly people and invigorating atmosphere made MIT irresistible. After meeting with the team and exploring all MIT has to offer I was happy to choose MIT as my new home.”

Brian Glat

Armonk, N.Y. – Byram Hills High School
Top Times:

100-Back – 51.37
200-Back – 1:49.74
400-IM – 4:08.56

“I chose MIT because it has one of the best balances of high level swimming with rigorous academics. Also, I will be able to focus on business at Sloan which was a major plus for me. Lastly, Boston is a great place that I can’t wait to explore.”

David He

South Setauket, N.Y. – Ward Melville High School
Top Times:
200-IM – 1:51.13
400-IM – 3:59.31
200-Fly – 1:50.02
“I chose to attend MIT because, during my visits, I found a welcoming and friendly swim team, a vibrant and diverse student-faculty community, and limitless opportunities in the form of UROP’s, studying abroad, and classes. MIT’s location, directly across from Boston, allows for incredible career possibilities and the chance to greatly grow as both a student and individual. I’ve always wanted to challenge myself both academically and athletically as well. I am extremely proud to be an MIT student-athlete for the next four years!”

Jaya Kambhampaty

Arlington, Va. – Washington Lee High School
Top Times:
100-Back – 49.77
200-Back – 1:49.32
100-Fly – 50.49
“I’ve only ever dreamed of completely fulfilling my potential and MIT is that dream within reach, in both the academic and athletic arenas.”

Jay Lang

South Lyon, Mich. – Early College Alliance
Top Scores:

1-Meter – 431.85 (11 Dives)
3-Meter – 466.05 (11 Dives)

“MIT not only has some of the strongest, most innovative academic programs in the world, but is also home to an incredibly talented, diverse, and welcoming community. Combine the two, and you’ll find nothing else like it.”

Jordan Ren

Chapel Hill, N.C. – Chapel Hill High School
Top Times:
200-IM – 1:50.79
400-IM – 3:57.92
200-Free – 1:40.86
“I chose to swim for MIT because of the amazing team culture I witnessed during my visit, and the welcoming atmosphere of everyone on the team. I can’t wait to be a part of this amazing team!”

Luke Stewart

New Canaan, Conn. – Albuquerque Academy
Top Times:
100-Breast – 57.63
200-Breast – 2:07.23
200-IM – 1:53.99
“MIT stood out as the best place for me to combine my passion for research with my love for swimming. The opportunity to live and learn among the people who will be contributing to future scientific and technological discoveries is exciting. To join them on the MIT Swim and Dive Team, working towards a common goal under the guidance of Coach Korman and Coach Sica, is inspiring. The close-knit team has had great success in the pool and I can’t wait to make my own contribution as an Engineer. Roll Tech!”

Brandon Yue

Sammamish, Wash. – Tesla STEM High School
Top Times:
100-Breast – 56.84
200-Breast – 2:01.32
400-IM – 4:02.64
“MIT is a world-class university that excels both in and out of the water. My future teammates were warm and welcoming, and the school culture suits me well. I’m honored to be representing MIT as a class of 2022 student-athlete under Coach Korman and Coach Sica, and I look forward to what I can achieve in the future. Go Tech!”

Lindsey Bjornstad

Menquon, Wis. – Homestead High School
Top Times:
50-Free – 23.54
100-Free – 51.68
100-Breast – 1:05.56
“Although it is cliché to say that I chose to attend MIT because of its great mix of academics and athletics, I am hopping on the band wagon; MIT really is the perfect mix of quality academics and a high caliber swim team. However, it’s not only this mix that makes my decision so obvious. MIT’s people, atmosphere, community, location, and opportunities drew me in and make me extremely excited to call MIT my home next year. I can’t wait!”

Jasmin Bouzarouata

Astoria, N.Y. – Bronx High School of Science
Top Times:
100-Fly – 59.30
100-Back – 59.70
100-Free – 54.07
“I chose to attend MIT because when I felt most excited, yet at home when I visited. MIT is such a challenging school and knew I would enjoy delving into complex problems, but it was also reassuring to know that I would have such a supportive team to guide me along the way. I’m looking forward to emerging myself in MIT’s unique culture through my studies and my swimming.”

Jessica Cohen

Poughkeepsie, N.Y. – Newton South High School
Top Times:
100-Fly – 59.37
200-Fly – 2:10.69
100-Free – 54.53
“I chose MIT because of the large renewable energy and green sustainability push here. Everyone has such a positive attitude towards helping the environment and that really meshed with my core beliefs. The people here are so passionate about what they love and being surrounded by people like that as I pursue what I love really makes me feel at home at MIT.”

Julia Gonik

Irvine, Calif. – Northwood High School
Top Times:
100-Breast – 1:04.71
200-Breast – 2:22.17
200-IM – 2:06.83
“I chose to come to MIT because I know that the world-class academics and excellent swim and dive program make MIT the perfect place for me to continue my career as a student-athlete. MIT’s outstanding coaching staff, collaborative team environment, and endless athletic and academic opportunities will ensure that I can excel both in the classroom and in the pool. I can’t wait to spend the next four years as an Engineer! Go Tech!!”

Shannon Hagmaier

Longwood, Fla. – Lake Brantley High School
Top Times:
50-Free – 23.93
100-Free – 52.20
100-Breast – 1:06.38
“I chose MIT so I would be able to swim competitively and also have unparalleled academics. In addition, the coaches and team members made me feel right at home.”

Lara Ketonen

Aurora, Ohio – Aurora High School
Top Times:

50-Free – 23.51
100-Free – 51.66
100-Fly – 59.76

“MIT is the perfect fit for me both in and out of the classroom. MIT offers a unique opportunity for me to be highly successful in athletics and academics at the same time. I cannot wait to be a part of such an incredible group of student athletes!”

Isabel Rosa

Lake Bluff, Ill. – Lake Forest High School
Top Scores:
1-Meter – 217.40 (6 Dives)
1-Meter – 354.00 (11 Dives)
“I chose MIT because there are so many options for what to study. I’m not just limited to one field, and the future is completely open. Everyone also seems so friendly.”

Laura Rosado

New Haven, Conn. – Wilbur Cross High School
Top Times:
100-Back – 56.96
200-Back – 2:00.33
400-IM – 4:29.81
“Last September, I attended an information session for prospective MIT students. When the presenter got to the athletics slide, everyone laughed. Well, I’m not laughing, and I am looking forward to swimming at MIT for the next four years!”

Sydney Vleck

Scarsdale, N.Y. – Scarsdale High School
Top Times:
100-Breast – 1:06.76
200-Breast – 2:32.95
200-IM – 2:15.60
“I chose to come to MIT because of the breadth of academic choices and opportunities balanced with committed and hard-working athletes.”

Jenny Yu

Pearland, Texas – The Harker School
Top Times:
100-Back – 55.70
200-Back – 2:02.73
100-Fly – 55.51
“I am so excited to announce my commitment to study and swim at MIT next year! MIT offers me the perfect mix between swimming and academics, and I can’t wait to join the team this fall!”

Emily Yuan

Geyser Park, Calif. – Novi High School
Top Times:
500-Free – 5:08.78
100-Fly – 57.03
200-Fly – 2:16.02
“I chose MIT because it always felt like home. Being from the West coast, I always thought Massachusetts would be too cold and too far to ever feel like home, but from the moment I stepped into campus it just felt right. The swim team was also full of such welcoming and genuine people that I Immediately felt comfortable and knew that MIT was the right place for me.”

Chelsea Zhang

Dover, Mass. – Dover-Sherborn High School
Top Times:
100-Fly – 57.68
200-Fly – 2:08.19
100-Back – 59.46
“I was initially interested in MIT because of its strong academic and research opportunities, but ultimately, what really sold me were the people. The passion and excitement each individual at MIT has for their interests has proven to me that it is a place where I can challenge myself both in the classroom, and in the pool.”

Kara Zhang

Cary, N.C. – Enloe High School
Top Times:
100-Fly – 58.41
200-Fly – 2:10.71
200-IM – 2:13.49
“I chose MIT because from the moment I learned about the Institute and the swim program, I knew I’d found the place I wanted to spend the next four years. From seeing pictures online and emailing back and forth with Coach Dani and Coach James to attending a recruiting trip in the fall and setting foot on campus for the first time, my love for MIT only grew. The unparalleled academics, vibrant student life, tight-knit team, and unique location all ultimately contributed to my decision. I can’t wait to see what the next four years have in store! Go Tech!”

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