Missy Franklin Won’t Compete at U.S. Nationals or World Champs

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

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Five-time Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin won’t be among those competing later this month at the U.S. National Championships in Indianapolis, according to a report from NBC OlympicTalk.

She and Dave Durden, whose men’s squad at Cal she joined shortly after the Olympics in Rio, made the decision that she was not ready to return to racing.

“If I had a deadline to try and get better by, we were really worried that that would rush things and that could really impact the quality of the therapy and the work that we were trying to do getting back,” Franklin told NBC. “I think both of us were very concerned with quality and wanting to make sure that we’re doing the best that we can right now.”

Franklin had an extremely disappointing Olympic Games last summer in Rio, missing out on the finals of both the 200 free and 200 back. She announced this spring that she had surgery to deal with bursitis in both her shoulders, but according to the NBC report her shoulders currently feel “awesome.”

Her timeline for returning to racing is still uncertain, with Franklin noting that it will be “when I feel like I can give my best effort,” but she says she plans to enjoy her “average” summer after swimming on the top U.S. national team for seven straight years.

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  1. Tracy Cameron Hepner

    Sad news, but continue to work on your therapy. One step at a time. You have been such a good role model. We all look forward to your return.

  2. As much as we would love to see Missy racing, there is no benefit to rushing back from injury/surgery. The pool will still be there when recovery is complete, and #TeamFranklin is always supporting, in swimming and in life! ❤

  3. Lisa Greenberg

    She will be back. There is not rush for the long term .

  4. Katie Kuhl

    Maddie Monroe

  5. Todd Emerson

    As long as you feel “awesome” I don’t care!

  6. avatar
    J Loucks

    She’s done, but the smile remains awesome.

  7. avatar
    Michael Maloney

    if your a swimmer sucking up swimming endorsements….shouldn’t you be swimming…instead of flyfishing….that’s good for your INJURY…..shes done she knows it just hanging on as long as she can….good luck missy…

  8. Miguel Sole Canales

    Bruh i really wanted to se her Shea Huntington Danny Moon

    • Shea Huntington

      Yeah I thought she was gonna do really well after rio

  9. Thomas Carley

    I wish this was fake news!

  10. Ana Vanegas

    Get better i will be wating to watch you win.

  11. Chio J. Aguilar

    Manuel Heriberto, Fernandita Dimas no Missy en el mundial ? pero ya regresará como es