Missy Franklin Learning A Lot At Nationals (VIDEO INTERVIEW)


Missy Franklin talked about her disappointment with her swims at the National Championships in Irvine. Franklin failed to make the Pan Pac team and did not reach a B-Final in the meet.

But Franklin discussed her process with getting back to where she was and how much her teammates and coaches like Allison Schmitt and Jack Bauerle have helped her in the process.

Franklin talked about how nice it was to be back at Nationals and what it is like competing at this level after being out last year in 2017.


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    Michael Maloney

    Anyone who watches this and isn’t struck with emotion is already dead inside…truly a great champion..whose heart is broken..

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      A true champion. An inspiration to our sport.

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    Ed Brennan

    Talk about hanging tough ! I’ll root for her every step of the way.

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    carol walters

    I totally agree with the above. A real inspiration with a delightful future.

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    Champion already! will watch her journey and root come what may. very talented in so many ways.