Michigan’s Mike Bottom Getting Creative With 20-Yard Meet Against Eastern Michigan

ANN ARBOR, Michigan, January 10. AS if it weren't hard enough to keep up with techsuit bests and other assorted records, Michigan's Mike Bottom has decided to get creative tomorrow with a 20-yard meet against Eastern Michigan at the Canham Natatorium.

The meet schedule is the following:
Friday, Jan. 11
160-yard Medley Relay
500-yard Freestyle
40-yard Freestyle
100-yard Breaststroke
200-yard Backstroke
100-yard Butterfly
100-yard Freestyle
200-yard Breaststroke
40-yard Backstroke
200-yard Butterfly
200-yard Individual Medley
200-yard Freestyle
40-yard Breaststroke
100-yard Backstroke
40-yard Butterfly
160-yard Freestyle Relay

So, that means the Wolverines and their guests will be vying for records last recorded in 1967, back when a 17-year-old Mark Spitz and a 15-year-old Debbie Meyer were named World Swimmers of the Year by Swimming World. Spitz held the American record for the 110-yard fly with a 56.3, while Meyer held the record for the 880-yard freestyle.