Michael Phelps Responds to Anti-Doping Comments in Facebook Video

Photo Courtesy: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Serbian butterflyer Milorad Cavic called out old rival Michael Phelps, noting that the timing of the 23-time Olympic gold medalist’s comments on anti-doping seemed convenient since he was no longer competing.

In a Facebook live video, Phelps responded to those for whom his performance caused suspicion. While discussing Joseph Schooling and his potential in the 100 fly in upcoming years, Phelps became noticeably ticked off when he read a viewer comment.

That comment was seemingly in regard to what Cavic said, but Phelps never actually mentioned Cavic’s name. He later clarified on Twitter (in a since-deleted post) that he was not talking about Cavic at all and that the remarks came in response to the user comment, apparently one that took an accusatory tone.

“I’m actually going to comment on this because I think that comment is so rude and so beyond anything that’s really is imaginable,” Phelps said. “You want to go look at any results I’ve ever had in a drug test, go ahead.”

Phelps called the current status of sports a “joke” multiple times, and he repeated several statistics from his speech to Congress about the need for consistency in anti-doping procedures.

“Over 1900 athletes, the year before the Olympics in Rio, were not tested one time. Six months leading up to the Games, I was tested 13 times just by USADA. I think that’s something that is sad about sports today,” Phelps said.

“And if you think I cheated, that’s your opinion. I know what I did in the sport, I know the hard work that I put in, and I know what went into my body, and drugs were not one of those things. It’s something that needs to change, and people that test positive in sports don’t deserve another chance to perform because they’re doing things others do in training.

“I know I busted my tail for years on end to try to get myself stronger for every race, and that’s what I did. I had goals, and I achieved them because I worked hard to accomplish them. There are other people that are taking the easy, cheap way out, and they’re taking performance-enhancing drugs. And that’s a joke.”

After talking for several minutes, Phelps paused and apologized to those watching the video for his long monologue.

“Sorry I went on that rant, guys, but this is something that’s such a passion for me and has to change, and it’s so frustrating when people sit there and say you cheat or you do this or you do that. You don’t know,” he said.

Watch the full video from Phelps by clicking here.

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David Barton
6 years ago

Cavic = Eternally Butthurt

Daniel Hasler
6 years ago

The King

Edgar Rivasuno
6 years ago

Cavic being an Olympic athlete forgot about one of the main rules in swimming
When you touch the pad, touch it hard
Because it might not get your time.
Lol hater

Bradley Crocker
6 years ago

Christopher Courtis ???

Christopher Courtis
6 years ago

If you haven’t, watch the video where he goes on his rant

Janne Markkanen
6 years ago

Ville Kallinen

Ivan Picado
6 years ago

The GOAT… Who’s Cavic anyways?

Odette Perry
6 years ago

Why defend yourself Phelps, if you cheated you would live with that sword over your head for the rest of your life. You kinda look too happy to be living that lie. If any sportsman or woman were cheating at this level, they would truly be foolish. Lance Armstrong was caught out making no one immune to the truth. Sounds a bit like sour grapes… Enjoy your retirement Michael Phelps and thank you for the legacy you have left the next feneration of swimmers?????

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