Michael Phelps Part of ASU’s Curtain of Distraction (Video, Photo Gallery)

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Photo Courtesy: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, Michael Phelps continued to enjoy his time at Arizona State University as part of the vaunted student section called the Curtain of Distraction against Oregon State.

The group is becoming legendary for its antics that help distract opposing players when they are trying to shoot free throws.  Phelps went 2-for-2 during his time in front of the Curtain as both free throws were missed.

Swimming World was there to capture all of the action!

Michael Phelps Part of ASU’s Curtain of Distraction (Video)


Michael Phelps Part of ASU’s Curtain of Distraction (Photo Gallery)

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  1. Marlene Beyer

    Having fun again. Making up time for when he didn’t .

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    Bill Bell

    In the top and bottom photos that’s the GOAT on the left, right?

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    I am certainly distracted! I do think Mr. Phelps is ripped.

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    Someone correct the announcer, Phelps does have a college degree.

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      Yet he has achieved a goal on hos life – to winn few olympic golden medals….

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    I hate to throw cold water on a fun parade, but has anyone ever thought this was unsportsman-like? To distract an athlete during a pressure moment? Would any of you consider shouting “False Start” when the swimmers are on the starting block? Of course not – it would be rude and unsportsman-like.

    It reminds me of Amy Van Dykenen spitting in the lane of her opponents. Can’t we (swimmers) be better than that?

    Phelps needs to set a higher standard of behavior.

    Call me old school if you wish. I call it respect….