Tech Talk: Michael Phelps New Racing Suit – Xpresso By AquaSphere

Michael Phelps

SWIMMINGWORLD.TV brings you another episode of Tech Talk devoted to educating consumers on cutting-edge products in aquatics.

In this episode, Maureen Rankin is joined by Shannon Michaelson, Aqua Sphere Swimwear Sales Manager, to discuss their new line of Michael Phelps Products and the XPRESSO Technical Racing Suit.

The XPRESSO competition tech suit is engineered with Aqua Sphere’s exclusive Exo-Core technology – a combination of Exo Foil and Aqua Core technologies, each having their own unique properties. The combination of these two fabrics delivers a new, higher level of performance.

Properties of the XPRESSO Technical Racing Suit

• Hydrodynamic fabric limits water absorption
• Bonded seams reduce drag and provide structure and support to the body
• Internal silicone leg grips ensure a precise fit
• Designed and manufactured in Italy

To learn more about the AquaSphere line of Michael Phelps XPRESSO tech suits, watch this week’s episode Tech Talk is a regular show hosted by Maureen Rankin. Each time, Rankin will bring a new guest onto the show to discuss important technical features about various training and competition products. The show is designed to inform coaches, athletes and parents as only Swimming World can do!

Visit to learn more about Racing Technologies and the XPRESSO Suit    Visit Aqua Sphere to learn more about the XPRESSO Suit

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  1. Jennifer Brurok Podlin

    When you have a body like these guys do- you could put a zip lock Baggie on & it would look perfect!