Michael Phelps Discusses Swimming, Golf Similarities in Golf.com Interview

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Michael Phelps - Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Michael Phelps continues his post-swimming passion of golf whenever he can.

It is a hobby that keeps his competitive juices flowing.

Phelps discussed the similarities between his swimming career and his golfing career with golf.com in a recent article.

“The more I just do, the more I’m able to learn and that’s how it was in the swimming pool,” Phelps said in the golf.com article. “So naturally I’ve had better success on the golf course because I don’t think, I just do. Right? You’re athletic, you just do.”

There are similarities in most sports and also similarities in the mindset of great athletes, but golf has one thing Phelps never really had to deal with in swimming, where he won 28 Olympic medals.

“Like the like the one thing that’s different for me is wind, right?” Michael Phelps said in the story. “And that’s one thing for me that’s hard to adjust to, right? Like downwind I feel like I’ve figured that part out. But into the wind, it’s just difficult.”

But other things are similar on the mental side of things. Sometimes, a deep breath can go a long way, just as it can in swimming.

“Breathing. Honestly, I feel like there are times where I get super excited or maybe I get anxious about a shot. So for me, it’s taking a deep breath,” Michael Phelps told Golf.com. “That’s been something I’ve really added and paid attention to. I want to slow down. Being in the sport of swimming, you just go, go, go, go, go. Out here, you can’t try harder or hit the ball harder.”