Michael Phelps and Bob Bowman Talk to the Press (Video With Warmup Footage)

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PHOENIX, Arizona, April 23. MICHAEL Phelps talked to the press in Mesa, Ariz., today at the Skyline Aquatics Center, where he was set to make his comeback to competitive swimming. Phelps talked about his goals for his return, why he came back and why it’s more fun for him this time around.

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Phelps, seated next to longtime coach Bob Bowman, told the media repeatedly that the main reason why he’s pursuing this comeback is because “I’m having fun. I’m having more fun than ever. No one’s forcing me to do this. Being able to just go to the pool and swim with the group we have now … it’s just incredible.”

Phelps said he missed being out of the water, but didn’t voice his goals for this week, saying only he wants to get back to racing. He also noted that he has not “signed any contracts” regarding a commitment to competing through 2016 toward the Olympic Trials and Olympic Games.

The full video includes footage of Phelps in the pool warming up for the meet, talking with coaches and getting a massage.