Matt Kredich’s Volunteers ‘Always Looking to Get Better’ (Video Interview)

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, March 22. THE Tennessee Volunteers had an exciting first day at the women's NCAA Division I swimming and diving championships, and in this video interview after last night's finals, head coach Matt Kredich gives his thoughts on his swimmers' performances.

Kredich talks about the preparation his swimmers had after the Southeastern Conference championships, where the team had already performed well.

“People … give a whole lot of weight to rest,” Kredich said. “As every swimmer knows, you can be very rested and have some pretty lousy swims. You can be not rested and have some incredible swims. After SECs, everybody had a lot of things that they knew they can work on, and we went to work on those things.”

More video interviews are being uploaded to our NCAA event landing page, so check back often with more from swimmers and coaches on the deck in Indianapolis!

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