Marriott USMS Summer Nationals: 17 USMS, World Records Eclipsed on Day Two

OMAHA, Nebraska, July 6. MORE than a dozen USMS and world records were bettered during the second day of competition at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha. Swimming World's Jeff Commings was among the record-breakers, lowering his own USMS record in the men's 35-39 100m breast.

Men's 60-64 400m IM
Rick Colella, 61, PNA; 5:11.73 (USMS and world record)
*Previous records 5:28.25, Lawrence Day

Men's 65-69 400m IM
George Wendt, 65, IM; 5:52.50 (USMS and world record)
*Previous USMS record 6:03.31, Tom Landis; previous world record 5:52.79, Barry Young

Men's 70-74 400m IM
Tom Landis, 70, OREG; 6:24.76 (USMS)
*Previous record 6:32.11, Burwell Jones

Men's 30-34 100m Fly
Kevin Doak, 31, MICH; 54.83 (USMS)
*Previous record 55.01, Tamas Kerekjarto

Men's 35-39 50m Free
Brian Jacobson, 39, MINN; 23.37 (USMS)
*Previous record 23.60, Felipe Delgado

Women's 70-74 200m Back
Joy Ward, 70, OREG; 3:18.02 (USMS)
*Previous record 3:19.46, Joy Ward

Women's 85-89 200m Back
Betty Lorenzi, 85, FACT; 4:11.77 (world record)
*Previous record 4:29.16, Edith Thein

Men's 35-39 100m Breast
Jeff Commings, 38, PHX; 1:04.37 (USMS)
*Previous record 1:04.42, Jeff Commings

Men's 40-44 100m Breast
Steve West, 40, NOVA; 1:03.76 (USMS)
*Previous record 1:04.68, Steve West

Men's 50-54 100m Breast
David Guthrie, 52, TXLA; 1:09.21 (USMS and world record)
*Previous records 1:09.36, Gary Patterson

Men's 60-64 100m Breast
Timothy Shead, 60, GOLD; 1:14.14 (USMS and world record)
*Previous records 1:15.42, Robert Strand

Women's 240-279 200m Free Relay
PNA (Lisa Dahl, Sarah Welch, Charlotte Davis, Suzanne Dills); 2:09.56 (USMS and world record)
*Previous USMS record 2:13.33, PNA; previous world record 2:11.16, Peru Masters