Marco Koch Wins 200 Breast Title At German Nationals, May Miss European Championships

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The third night of the 2018 German National Championships featured one of Germany’s most celebrated swimmers in 2015 World Champion Marco Koch. Koch won the 200 breast final on Saturday handily over the rest of the field, but his time is not quite fast enough to compete for a medal in Glasgow in thirteen days. Koch announced on his Instagram account that he might not be going to Europeans, despite winning the continental title in 2014.

Women’s 200 Free

  1. Annika Bruhn, 1:58.65
  2. Marie Pietruschka, 1:58.83
  3. Reva Foos, 1:59.70
  4. Leonie Beck, 1:59.72

Veteran Annika Bruhn started off the night with a win in the 200 free final with a 1:58.65. She finished ahead of Marie Pietruschka (1:58.83) in the final. The top four was completed by Reva Foos (1:59.70) and Leonie Beck (1:59.72) for a potential relay.

Men’s 200 Free

  1. Marius Zobel, 1:47.92
  2. Poul Zellmann, 1:48.09
  3. Clemens Rapp, 1:48.67
  4. Max Nowosad, 1:48.79

The men’s 200 free also had a new champion with Marius Zobel claiming the top spot at 1:47.92. Zobel swam to his best time ahead of Poul Zellmann (1:48.09) and Clemens Rapp (1:48.67). Max Nowosad (1:48.79) finished the top four for a potential relay.

Women’s 200 Breast

  1. Jessica Steiger, 2:27.07
  2. Anna Elendt, 2:29.72
  3. Anna Kroniger, 2:30.64

Jessica Steiger won the 200 breast final with a 2:27.07. She finished well ahead of 16-year-old Anna Elendt, who has already won two titles this weekend at the German Nationals. Anna Kroniger (2:30.64) finished in third place.

Men’s 200 Breast

  1. Marco Koch, 2:08.97
  2. Maximilian Pilger, 2:13.80
  3. Yannis Willim, 2:14.50

28-year-old Marco Koch won the 200 breast final on Saturday at the German Championships with a 2:08.97. But Koch is only ranked seventh currently in Europe as he is behind Russia’s Anton Chupkov (2:07.81) and Great Britain’s James Wilby (2:08.05). The German Swimming Federation is facing the difficult decision of whether or not they should take him to the meet if he isn’t in contention for a medal.

Maximilian Pilger (2:13.80) and Yannis Willim (2:14.50) placed second and third in the final.

Women’s 100 Fly

  1. Alexandra Wenk, 58.89
  2. Aliena Schmidtke, 59.29
  3. Angelina Kohler, 59.39

Alexandra Wenk won the 100 fly final with a 58.89 to finish ahead of Aliena Schmidtke (59.29) and Angelina Kohler (59.39).

Men’s 100 Fly

  1. Ramon Klenz, 52.59
  2. Eric Friese, 52.85
  3. Philip Heintz, 53.05
  4. Marius Kusch, 53.36

19-year-old Ramon Klenz won his third title of the weekend with a win in the 100 fly on Saturday. Klenz added to his wins already in the 200 fly and 400 IM. Klenz won the final with a 52.59 as he tussled with Eric Friese (52.85) and one of Germany’s best swimmers in Philip Heintz (53.05). Heintz was a finalist in the 200 IM last summer at the World Championships in Hungary.

Queens’ Marius Kusch also competed in the final, placing fourth at 53.36.

Women’s 50 Back

  1. Laura Riedemann, 28.29
  2. Johanna Roas, 28.40
  3. Jenny Mensing, 28.62

Laura Riedemann closed out the session with a win in the 50 back at 28.29 as she will be headed to the European Championships in less than two weeks. Johanna Roas was second (28.40) and Jenny Mensing (28.62) was third.

Men’s 50 Back

  1. Mohamed Samy, 25.01
  2. Christian Diener, 25.24
  3. Michael Schaffner, 25.33

Christian Diener won the national title with his swim of 25.24, but he was beat to the wall by Egyptian Mohamed Samy (25.01). Michael Schaffner finished in third at 25.33.

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