Madagascar, Northern Mariana Islands to Send Three Swimmers Each to Short Course World Championships

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With the Short Course World Championships in Windsor just six weeks away, more national federations are announcing the squads they plan to send to Canada. Madagascar and the Mariana Islands have each joined in, as each recently named three swimmers that will be attending the meet.

Madagascar will send a roster of Tiana Henintsoa Murielle Rabarijaona, Aina Estellah Fils Rabetsara and Herinaivo Michael Rasolonjatovo. Sitraka Anthony Ralefy, an Olympian for Madagascar in Rio, will not be making the trip.

The Northern Mariana Islands have selected Christian VillacrusisSalofj Welch and Angel de Jesus to swim in Windsor. David Boyer will be an alternate. Jacoby Winkfield will be the head coach and also represent the country at the FINA Swimming Coaches Clinic before the meet. National federation president John Hirsh and board member Emma Perez will also be heading to Canada for convention meetings.

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