LumaLanes Now Has Improved WiFi Compatibility; Covid Special Offer


The LumaLanes control box has undergone a major update of its operating system which improves the compatibility of the WiFi on the control box with newer iPhones, improves the overall reliability of the WiFi connection, and improves the boot up time.

LumaLanes is still running its Generation 3 Lane Special (50% off the first strip and 20% off on each additional strip).  For a limited time, this COVID special offers an additional 20% off on the control box.  Please contact LumaLanes for a quote on 1, 2, 3 to 4 lanes or if you have questions.  Order now, LumaLanes can ship immediately.

About LumaLanes

Now is a great time to plan for your swimmers return to the pool.  Everyone is anxious to get going and LumaLanes not only gives you tools for use during workouts, it includes a lane simulator for use at home on your computer.  The lane simulator is designed for both planning and storing workouts, and as a  teaching tool for learning and practicing the system. With the lane simulator you can watch how the lights move and build up a library of swim workouts.  It can be used with a Windows PC or Mac, and even transfer workouts between the PC and your phone — develop your workouts on your PC at home and then use them on your phone at the pool.


LumaLanes newest High Reliability LED Light Strips have a proprietary process to seal the LED Lights and remain flexible.  Our process allows us to create whatever custom length strip you may need. Most importantly, LumaLanes software running on your iOS or Android device automatically configures itself to whatever length strip you are using.

Strip length options include (but not limited to):

  • 25 yard strip with a 2.1 meter extension, these combine to create either a 25 yard or a 25 meter strip.
  • 2 – 25 meter strips can be used individually OR can be configured to be combined into a single 50 meter strip for long course.
  • 25-meter strip with an 8 1/3 meter strip to give you strips of 25 meters or 33 1/3 meters.
  • Custom length – as you can see we can easily make any specific length you need

LumaLanes has been in business since 2015 and has systems all around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan and Canada.  


The above press release was posted by Swimming World in conjunction with LumaLanes.  For press releases and advertising inquiries please contact


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