Los Angeles Agrees To Host 2028 Summer Olympics; Paris Awarded 2024


The city of Los Angeles will be hosting the 2028 Summer Olympics in 11 years. The city reached an agreement with Olympic officials that would bring the Games back to the City of Angels for the first time since 1984. Los Angeles previously hosted the Games in 1932 and 1984. Inside the Games reported that the announcement is official under the terms of the Host City Contract 2028.

With Los Angeles’ announcement as the 2028 host city, Paris will officially take hold as the 2024 host. The Olympics will return to Paris for the first time since 1924 as it also hosted in 1900. This will be the third time for both Paris and LA to have hosted the games. LA previously hosted in 1932 and 1984.

The International Olympic Committee will be contributing $1.8 billion and will advance funds to a Los Angeles Organizing Committee and aims to increase participation and access to youth sports programs in the city in the years leading up to the games.

Los Angeles will also be exempt from other payments while retaining the option of selling domestic sponsorship in categories not covered by the IOC. They will also be allowed to keep all surplus profit that they make.

LA mayor Eric Garcetti said in May that the youth funding would be a target concession in return for settling for a later date.

Los Angeles originally started its campaign as the 2024 host city, but the IOC saw formidable options in both Paris and Los Angeles and was in favor of awarding the next two Games to the two cities.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the IOC has already agreed to advance a $180 million interest-free loan to cover the Organizing Committee’s operating costs as well as initial youth sport support.

“This is an historic day for Los Angeles, for the United States and for the Olympic and Paralympic Movements around the world,” said Garcetti today.

“Today, we take a major step toward bringing the Games back to our city for the first time in a generation and begin a new chapter in Los Angeles’ timeless Olympic story. This agreement with the IOC will allow us to seed a legacy of hope and opportunity that will lift up every community in Los Angeles– not in 11 years’ time, but starting now and continuing in the years leading up to the Games.”

It has been expected that LA would take the 2028 Games as Paris officials had expressed disinterest in waiting another four years to host.

“The IOC welcomes this decision of the Los Angeles Olympic and Paralympic Bid Committee,” added IOC President Thomas Bach.

“They presented a strong and enthusiastic candidature that embraces the Olympic Agenda 2020 sustainability priorities by incorporating existing facilities and encouraging the engagement of more youth in the Olympic Movement. Therefore, we are very happy that as part of this Host City Contract, we are able to expand the impact of city youth sports programming and encourage the healthy lifestyle of Angelenos for the next 11 years. We are very confident that we can reach a tripartite agreement under the leadership of the IOC with LA and Paris in August, creating a win-win-win situation for all three partners.

“This agreement will be put forward to the IOC Session in Lima in September for ratification.”

To read the full report from the LA Times, click here.

To read the full report from Inside the Games, click here.


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      Anything is possible! Save now, you could be pleasantly surprised! ?
      Check out Jacob Pebley!

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