Long Lines With LEN European Masters Trying to Service More Than 10,000 Swimmers


The 2016 LEN European Masters Championships are dealing with some administrative issues in London a week after LEN put together a successful 2016 European Championships meet.

With more than 10,000 swimmers slated to compete, and events boasting upwards of 130-140 timed finals heats throughout the day, the meet has been beset by massive lines for both spectators and competitors for a facility that was built to house just 17,500 spectators for the Olympics, but just 2,500 regularly.

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Here are some of the long lines being encountered at the event, which will have its toughest capacity day tomorrow with the men’s and women’s 100-meter freestyle events taking place in the two-pool setup.



The live stream for the public to watch has also been underwhelming at times as some fans have taken to Twitter to complain.

Other complaints of organizational issues have also been posted on Twitter by those in attendance.

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  1. Gordon Belbin

    It doesn’t hold “just 17500 spectators”. That was only for the olympics. The spectator capacity is now 2800!!

  2. avatar

    For those affected. Please sign and share.
    Official line seems to be only minority is annoyed.
    Comments also useful

  3. avatar
    A G

    From the awarding of the event to London, LEN have shown a total disregard for the swimmers. Three years ago it was general knowledge that the event would be popular. Did LEN listen? Why are they surprised at the entry level? What other mass participation event chooses to reopen entry and allows the number of competitors to more than double the level set for the capacity of the venue?
    One positive – the technical officials and volunteers are doing a great job in very difficult circumstances.

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    Eric HUYNH

    My movie! That was the queue of the swimmers for the 50 breastroke.

  5. avatar
    Jessica Rathke

    “Some” administrative issues?

  6. avatar
    Bruce Lawrie

    A disgrace……..who are the plonkers…the organisers or the swimmers for accepting this????

  7. avatar
    Marion Lowe

    So VERY disappointed with this European championship. A disgrace to make swimmers queue for sometimes over an hour before allowed entry. NOT conducive to great swims. And as for the families spectating, I have given up and just watch live steam from my hotel room. Not what we came to London for.

  8. avatar
    Mark Spitz

    I have been to many meets over the years, this is by far the worst. Mass hysteria, the splashing of enraged seals combined with crowds expelled to the outer areas, that is outside the actual pool building!!!!!!

    ASA/LEN….hope you enjoy your profits?? Several 100 thousand Euros…whic will not go to Masters Swimmers. sHame on you!!!

    • avatar

      Yes Mark. Grateful for your involvement.

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    Richard Wilding

    Worst Swimming Experience ever:
    1. Let’s not forget the ticket fiasco…..
    2. We paid a luxurious entry fee for individual events on the basis that we’d be swimming in the main Olympic Pool (Feel sorry for those made to swim in the Training Pool).
    3. Information about the times and events are sparse and incorrect.
    4. Made to queue outside for no apparent reason. (No shelter out there).
    5. Changing is a nightmare.
    6. Rushed Warm up (10min Max), then ushered to a hold room (AKA the Cold room).
    7. Hasty starts/finishes
    8. Apparently yesterday they started to swim two in a lane! (How do the judges cope with that?)
    9. What happened to commemorative souvenirs you’d expect at open meets? All that was handed out was a bottle of water!

  10. avatar

    Thank you Mark. One goal . Swimming .

  11. avatar

    I was part of that 50m Breaststroke queue, stood outside in the sun for 2 hrs, missed the warmup, finally got poolside at Heat 41 ( I was supposed to swim in Heat 36). After complaining to officials got added to one of the three additional heats (113). Seems like a lot of swimmers just didn’t complain, as the results show 101 men and 53 women as DNS. I suspect they’ll be no refunds ??? It’s all about the £££££

  12. avatar

    I started in the morning, so didn’t have any problem to come in.

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