Live Recap: Day 2 Prelims, U.S. Paralympic Swimming Trials

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Everything you need to know about day 2 of the U.S. Paralympic Swimming Trials can be found here!

Yesterday marked the start of the 2016 U.S. Paralympic Trials at the Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. The event commenced yesterday, Thursday June 30, and will be completed Saturday evening, July 3. The Trials features swims from athletes across a range of classification categories.

Over 400 athletes are competing in this year’s Paralympic Trials, with the hope of representing Team USA at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games (September 7 – 18), following the 2016 Olympic Games (August 5 – 21). Four women and three men will represent the U.S. at the Rio Paralympic Games.

Note: The Paralympic classification system for athletes competing in swimming is coded with an S followed by a number. A swimmer competing in a lower number category indicates that they have a physical impairment that has more impact on their ability to compete in swimming. For example, a swimmer in the S2 category has more severe activity limitation in the water than a swimmer in the S14 category. A more detailed description of the classification system can be found here.

Today’s Timeline:

Women’s 50m back (S1-S5)

There were just three swimmers in the 50 back this morning, all from the S5 class.  Alyssa Gialamas will be the top seed going into finals tonight with a time of 48.48, just off her best.  Haley Beranbaum touched second behind her at 1:00.56 and Victoria BeeIner was third at 1:16.45.

Men’s 50m back (S1-S5)

The men’s 50 back just had three competitors as well, all from different classes. All three were right off their best times, but will be swimming again in finals.  American Record holder in the event Curtis Lovejoy (S2) posted a time of 1:!4.91, another American Record holder in the event Michael DeMarco (S3) touched the wall in 1:02.48, and Carson Tueller (S4) finished at 1:04.15.

Women’s 100m fly (S8-S13)

American Record holder in the event, Rebecca Meyers (S13), was the top finisher among all classes in the 100 fly with a time of 1:07.88.  She cruised in almost six seconds behind of Cailin Currie, the only other S13 entrant in the event.  Elizabeth Smith (S9) and Jessica Long (S8) were right in the mix as well, posting times of 1:10.73 and 1:12.70 respectively and finishing first in their classes.

Men’s 100m fly (S8-S13)

American Record holder in the event, Ian Silverman (S10) from NBAC, was the top finisher overall from the preliminary session.  Silverman posted a time of 1:02.43, just beating out Dalton Herendeen (S10) who posted a best time of 1:03.48.

American Record holder in the men’s 50 free, 800 free and 1500 free, Bradley Snyder (S11), was the top finisher for his class, posting a best time of 1:08.21.

Evan Austin (1:07.04) from the S8 class and David Gelfand (1:13.52) from the S9 class were both slightly off their best times, but touched the wall well ahead of their other class competitors to be the top seeds going into finals.

Women’s 50m fly (S1-S7)

Cortney Jordan (S7) was the top finisher overall in the 50 fly this morning, with a time of 36.66, almost two seconds ahead of the next finisher, McKenzie Coan (38.40).  Noga Nir-Kristler (S6) and Haley Beranbaum (S5) will be the top seeds going into finals tonight for there respectively classes after posting times of 47.14 and 53.76.

Men’s 50m fly (S1-S7)

Lucas McCrory cruised to the wall first for the S7 class during this morning’s session with a time of 35.88, followed by Caleb Cripe who got a best time of 41.31.  In the S6 class, the top finisher after this morning was Connor Gioffreda who was slightly off his best, going a 36.40, but finished ahead of both Logan Wilson (56.65) and Devin Marrero (1:00.04).  American Record holder in the event, Roy Perkins Jr. was the only entrant in the 50 fly for the S5 class, and will swim it again at finals after posting a prelim time of 35.50.

Women’s 50m free (S1-S13)

The 50 free was the most packed event for the women this morning.  American Record holder in the event, Michelle Konkoly (S9) was the top finisher overall with a time of 28.37, breaking both her previous American Record of 29.14 and the World Record of 28.75.  The World Record was previously held by Ellie Cole of Australia and had been standing since 1991.

Martha Ruether (S13) and Serafina King (S10) added a little from their entry times, but touched the wall first for their respective classes going 28.96 and 31.72.

Both Letticia Martinez (S11) and Laurrie McClain Hermes (S12) were the only entrants in their classes and posted times of 34.61 and 34.30 respectively.

American Record holder in the event, Alyssa Gialamas (S5), was a bit off her best time, but posted a prelim time of 48.09.  Noga Nir-Kristler (S6), McKenzie Coan (S7) and Jessica Long (S8) were also the top finishers in their classes after the prelim session.

Men’s 50m free (S1-S13)

It was an exciting preliminary swim for Zach Shattuck (S6) who clocked in a best time of 32.71, just three hundredths off the American Record.

Cody Bureau (S9), American Recorder holder in the event Ian Silverman (S10), and American Record holder Bradley Snyder (S11) all were slightly off their best times, but finished first in their respective classes to earn them another swim tonight.

In the S7 class, Lucas McCrory was the top finisher, posting a time of 32.91.  As for the S8 class, Lander Eicholzer dropped about a second and a half and out touched Andrew Arnold for the win, clocking in at 31.05.

American Record holder in the event, Tucker Dupree (S12), Noach Sherf (S13) and Michael DeMarco (S3) were the only entrants in their classes.  Dupree was slightly off his best at 24.50, but both Sherf and Demarco posted best times of 32.55 and 1:00.49 respectively.


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Joy Krebs
7 years ago

Awesome job Michelle Konkoly ! American record and World Record….All of your friends and family at the Ozone could not be prouder ! We love you ! Keep it up !