Lilly King Stuns with 1:04.13 100 Breast World Record; Meili Second

Photo Courtesy: SIPA USA

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Lilly King of the USA blazed ahead of the competition in the women’s 100 breast, over-turning Ruta Meilutyte’s World Record en route to gold. Tonight’s 100 breast swim was one of the most anticipated events of the schedule as King went head-to-head with Russian rival Yulia Efimova.

Efimova neared the world record .01 seconds in semi-finals, but it was King who would take gold and the world record. King delivered a sizzling time of 1:04.13 to finish well ahead of the previous 1:04.35, set in 2013 by Meilutyte.

Comparative splits:

  • King (2017): 29.80, 34.33 = 1:04.13
  • Meilutyte (2013): 29.97, 34.38 = 1:04.35

King’s new record makes her the third American in the last decade to etch her name in the 100 breast world record book, joining the likes of Jessica Hardy and Rebecca Soni. Her world record also doubles as a new American Record.

King’s gold is the fourth American gold medal at the World Championships in the 100 breast joining Kristy Kowal (1998) and Soni (2009, 2011).

Fellow American Katie Meili snuck her way into second place with a swift time of 1:05.03, a personal best for Meili, while Efimova sunk to third and a final time of 1:05.05. Efimova gets her fourth 100 breast World’s medal dating all the way back to her silver in 2009. She was second in 2013 and won gold in 2015.

Meilutyte posted a final time of 1:05.65 for fourth overall, followed by China’s Shi Jinglin and her time of 1:06.43.

Canada’s Kierra Smith (1:06.90), Spain’s Jessica Vall (1:06.95), and Great Britain’s Sarah Vasey (1:07.19) rounded out the top eight.

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      Kristine McFadden

      Katie Meili didn’t sneak up on anyone! She has been a consistent and solid performer for a few years now – she just doesn’t get talked about! The way her career has skyrocketed is amazing not to mention the fact that she is humble, gracious and a positive influence on everyone around her.
      Great Swim USA!

  1. Lori Antolick

    Way to go Lily! THat was INSANE Pure BEAST MODE! Take that, doper!

  2. avatar

    That made my day. Brilliant.

  3. The Antons

    Way to go Lily King! Congratulations!

  4. Nancy Dougherty

    Wow. That’s awesome. Way to go Lily and Katie Melli ❤️

  5. Chad Young

    Way to go Lily and Katie. Unbelievable swims from both ladies!! The USA is proud of you! ????

  6. Heather Raley

    Tommy Nowakowski your Hoosier is still on fire!

  7. Heather Long

    Never wake the sleeping bear — she shall pounce! Outstanding swims!!!

  8. avatar

    Glad to see such a great victory and doubly glad the cheating Russian didn’t get it. Shame she made the podium really

  9. Carol Goodey

    Great swims, such a shame the cheating Russian made it on the podium

  10. Tony Schorr

    Lily & Katie, 1&2!!! Congratulations ladies!!! Go TEAM USA!!!

  11. Diana Correa

    Way to kick some serious booty! Love our Lilly

  12. Jacob Furgatch

    Cool. I remember Sarah got third to Meili in Sarah’s very last race at the 2013 Ivy’s.

  13. Shannon Dolan

    What an awesome race for both girls!!!!

  14. Greg Walker

    That’s about what I swam once upon a time (in yards, with two more turns!)

  15. Nancy Pulham

    Unfortunately she’s a spoilt brat and hasn’t got the maturity or dignity to win gracefully ?

    • Krissy Miller

      Wow, do you actually know her personally?!

    • Rich Davis

      And how would you treat me if I showed up and tried to steal everything you and your friends have worked so hard for because I’m lazy and/or not as gifted?

    • Carol Goodey

      Unless you know her personally how can you say that. Are you referring to the cheating Russian, I certainly wouldn’t be polite to a proven druggie?