Kosuke Kitajima Named Director of Tokyo Metropolitan Swimming Association

Kitajima,K. 2010 PanPacs 5178

TOKYO, Japan, June 13. OLYMPIC breaststroke champion Kosuke Kitajima has been named the Directory of the Tokyo Metropolitan Swimming Association. The news broke shortly before Kitajima took part in celebratory festivities announcing Bridgestone as a new IOC sponsor in Tokyo.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Swimming Association is an affiliate of the Japanese Swimming Federation, and Kitajima will be in this position for the next two years.

Kitajima will be at the forefront of helping the Association to finding and training new swimmers with a focus towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Kitajima will also be focused on advising the association when it comes to marketing items.

Kitajima is not retiring, however, as he still plans on competing. But, it is obvious that Kitajima is developing his post-swimming career in a way where he can continue to impact the sport even after his competitive career is over.