Olympic Champion Klete Keller Appears to Have Been in US Capitol During Insurrection

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Photo Courtesy: Screenshot from video Townhall Media via Julio Rosas

Olympic gold medalist Klete Keller appears to have been part of the unlawful entrance of the U.S. Capitol, video shows.

Video from the incident appears to show Keller, wearing a U.S. Olympic team jacket inside the Capitol as the incident escalated. Swimming World has confirmed with sources that Keller was seen at the Capitol.

The video does not show any violence on the part of Keller, though he is inside the building and part of what President Elect Joe Biden called an insurrection by supporters of ousted President Donald Trump.

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Photo Courtesy: Screenshot from video Townhall Media via Julio Rosas

Town Hall reporter Julio Rosas had the initial footage that appears to show Keller.

One officer and one alleged protester were killed in the clash, while three others died due to medical emergencies, according to officials. The siege forced lawmakers to go into hiding for hours and halt their voting to affirm Biden’s victory. Another officer tumbled over a railing into the crowd below after being body-slammed from behind, according to multiple reports. Members of the media were cursed at, shoved and punched.

Nearly 100 arrests have been made in the days since. (Keller’s name does not appear among any of the lists published by the Capitol Police, the Department of Justice of D.C. Superior Court as of Monday evening.) Since the insurrection, Articles of Impeachment have been drawn up against President Trump over his role in incitement of the mob, with the Democrat-led Congress threatening to move on them if the 25th Amendment is not invoked by the Republican cabinet to immediately remove him from office.


Photo Courtesy: Screenshot from video Townhall Media via Julio Rosas

Keller had been an outspoken supporter of Trump. His social media accounts have been deleted or disabled.

Klete Keller, 38, was an Olympian in 2000, 2004 and 2008. He won two bronze medals in the 400 free, and was part of two gold and one silver on relays for the U.S. In 2004, he set the American record in the 400 free.

The native of Las Vegas represented the United States at four long-course World Championships (winning a pair of relay golds) and a Short-Course Worlds as well as two editions of the Pan-Pacific Championship. He attended USC and later trained at the University of Michigan.


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    Kimberly Pearson

    I’m sure you all and others have done it, but I reported him to the FBI.

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      Good job

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      Thank you for being a True American CITIZEN and Patriot

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      Awesome!!! You ARE the kind of people WE need!. You are a real hero!! Thank you in Behalf of all good Americans.

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    He’s been completely brainwashed

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      Noo, not body brain washed him, he did with his own brain. He walked with his own feet, he thought with his own brain and he did by own himself!!

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        Yeah..a washed brain.

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    It literally was an insurrection. No need for quotations marks.

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    L. Marshall

    I don’t think Biden was the first to call it an insurrection. Not was he the last.
    What would you call it?

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    A peaceful protest just like the ones this past summer that the liberals, and snowflakes called the ones in cities across the U.S.

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      Ted Cruise

      That right #BluesLivesMatter except when your fellow “patriots” are beating them to death with a fire extinguisher. #loser

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      Yeah right, and 5 people died, a number of police were injured, threats were made to Pelosi and Pence, along with destruction…..I’d call it a rampage of ignorant, blue-collar Trumpets who are incapable of critical thinking and therefore unable to determine fact from fiction. Biden won, I along with many Republicans did not have the stomach to vote for Trump.

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        Thank you for being open to see the truth.

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      They were just the voices of the unheard. Plus, the cops let them in. It is, after all, a public building.

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      Craig Jomes

      This summer they were looting at Foot Locker stores.

      This was an invasion of the U.S. Capitol with the goal of interfering with the U.S. election. Big difference.

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      Peaceful? Five people died including two cops.

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      Yes, what about all those people that lost their
      Jobs and saw their businesses destroyed last summer.
      The loss of human life while the dems just stood by and let it happen. A sick and disgusting double standard. Wow, I can’t believe this is the same country
      I was brought up in!!

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    Not all agree it was an insurrection by legal definition. If an insurrection why now why not occupation and pillage all through last year.

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      noun: insurrection; plural noun: insurrections

      a violent uprising against an authority or government.

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    Greg Spreeman

    Will they look to take back his medals?

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      They will certainly will look into it for sure.

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    He should be stripped of his medals. Not a good representation of America.

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      I agree with you??

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      Such pathetic and arrogant hypocrites.
      He should be stripped of his medals for simply being there? Too stupid to take seriously. You guys enjoy trying to out STUPID eachother. Talk about brainwashed.

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      Because he doesn’t agree with you?

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      Stripes him off his medal and held him accountable too

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    Tim Coffey

    If he’s dumb enough to wear a jacket with the Olympic logo predominently visible, then he was dumb enough to engage in unlawful storming a federally protected monument. What the hell was he thinking, that the Stones were playing? He needs to hand over his medals before the Olympic officials ask for them.

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      Characteristic of bullies, idiots and arrogant people, they never own up and take responsibility for what they have done in the name of their principles and what they stand for.
      If Klete Keller feels so strongly about his views, principles and Trump, he would own up to being there and not delete his social media comments.

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    Mike G

    Curious to see the temperament of Dc cops capital police, nat guard once these fanatics show up on inauguration day. I’m sure some are seething after what happened to two of there own.

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    Strip his medals. He should not represent America or profit from it in any way!

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    Good for him. True patriot

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    Tarnished medals and now a defecated reputation.

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    He has not done anything wrong. Maybe you should be arrested as well for being a hater.

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    Strip the medals.

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      Yan can

      Wow ! An “insurrection ” an attempt to “destroy democracy ” the democrats and their fake media, big tech and RINOS are claiming.
      What do you call all of their constant , non stop attack with a bogus impeachment and Russia collusion lies against President Trump all these four years?

      What do you call all the looting , torching of private business, killing and injuring tens of police officers, torching of police precints and Federal courthouses across the land by the militant arm of the democrat party that goes by the name of Pantifa/blm?

      What do you call the same Pantifa/blm actions when they tried to break into the White House , the situation got serious they had to move the President and his family to a underground secure bunker?

      What do you call when your elected democrats in congress (maxine waters, tlaib, pelosi, ocasio , Omar, presley , etc) publicly harange their suporters to take out the sitting President of the United States of America?

      If you want to blame the right culprits, blame the Supreme Court Of Justice for refusing to fulfill its duties and hear President Trump’s campaign case, blame also Minnesota, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, and states where election fraud happened right in people’s faces.

      The gaslighting of the American people by the democrats and their media and big tech elected a brain dead corrupt swamp Chinese puppet Bidden administration.

      And now YOU idiots are calling the latest events a “coup” “attempt against Democracy ” “attack against the Constitution ” ?

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    Bob S

    Take his medals? Why stop there? Why not take away ALL his earthly possessions? … Come up for a breath people.

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    This is so sad!!!! Some of these people our kids look up to. As adults we need to be better role models. Just like police there’s always one bad apple that ruins a bunch. Our country is so full of followers and not enough leaders to “MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN” and it’s shameful. So many people are unhappy within so they hate or despises other and don’t have any reasons. For the president to allow this is not acceptable and for ALL the adults to agree y’all are the ones who are the animals, not blacks, not drug addicts, not police, YOU ARE…. We need to do better!!!!! Stop being followers and be a leader. Lead the evil to do better!!!!