Kick-start Your Yoga with SwimOutlet’s Yoga for Swimmers

New Yoga for Swimmers from to tie in with their Practyce streaming yoga platform.

Who among elite swimmers doesn’t do yoga these days for the flexibility training, core muscle strength — and most importantly, meditative qualities? Recognizing that yoga has become a popular cross-training activity for many competitive swimmers, has launched its own Yoga for Swimmers category this week in-time for the holidays and winter, indoor training season.

The collection features a full overview of key yoga products, apparel and props that you’d need to get you going with your practice and even set up your own home yoga studio. And it’s an especially good time to consider setting up a space in your own home for yoga given the current times of physical distancing and closed gyms and studios.

The launch of Yoga for Swimmers also ties in with their new yoga streaming site that offers classes including Yoga for Swimmers and Yoga for Athletes among hundreds of others.

SwimOutlet even enlisted three-time Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Soni to work with them on the Practyce online site getting her feedback and tips. Soni is an avid yogi herself for over a decade and has her own backyard yoga studio!


“The Yoga for Swimmers collection on features all the top brands that have been featured over the years on SwimOutlet’s partner site,” said Dayna Pietrantoni, Director of Buying for both SwimOutlet and YogaOutlet. “We’re glad we can bring that assortment directly to our swim customers so they can be sure that they’ll have all the key styles and products available for their yoga practice.”


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