Katinka Hosszu Still Doesn’t Have a Gold Frequent Flyer Card – Video

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AUSTIN – The Iron Lady Katinka Hosszu, who is most well-known for doing a lot of racing throughout the year, talked with the media after the Arena Pro Swim Series in Austin.

Hosszu explained that she travels nearly 200-215 days a year, but still hasn’t managed to gain gold status as a frequent flyer. That’s pretty surprising.

Hosszu isn’t slowing down her travel plans as she’s headed to Belgium next weekend and to the Golden Lanes meet the week after that.

Hosszu also talks about her epic shoe collection, which she has at 300 pairs so far.

Hosszu also goes in-depth on what it is like having her husband Shane Tusup as her coach, and states that it actually makes it easier to travel as much as she does.

Katinka Hosszu Travels More Then 200 Days A Year