Katinka Hosszu Calls for President of Hungarian Swimming Federation to Resign

Katinka Hosszu world-championships
Photo Courtesy: R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya

Hungarian Olympic gold medalist Katinka Hosszu has called for Tamas Gyarfas, the President of Hungary’s swimming federation, to step down. In a post on her Facebook account, Hosszu accuses Thomas of ignoring worsening training conditions for Hungary’s elite swimmers.

Hosszu claims in the post that Gyarfas urged her to retire all the way back in 2008, even before she won the first of her five career long course World titles in 2009 and explains how her training actually improved after splitting from the federation for training purposes in January.

“In preparation for my Olympic 0 degrees, sometimes heavy rain, the outdoor pool was not done, and I was not the only one. The conditions are still bad, the professional preparation conditions were not insured in either the pool or the land workouts.” (Translated from Hungarian via Google Translate)

Hosszu also writes that Gyarfas has defended his actions by taking credit for bringing the 2017 World Championships to Budapest, but Hosszu argues that his poor management style does more harm than good.

This is not the first time Hosszu has expressed disappointment regarding Gyarfas and the way the Hungarian Swimming Federation is run. Early in 2016 Hosszu tore up a contract from the Hungarian Swimming Federation rejecting a monetary deal with them and distanced herself from the federation.

Read Hosszu’s full Facebook post here.

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