Katinka Hosszu Announces Split from Coach/Husband Shane Tusup

HOSSZU Katinka HUN 100 Backstroke Final Copenhagen 14-12-2017 Royal Arena LEN European Short Course Swimming Championships - Campionati Europei nuoto vasca corta Foto Andrea Staccioli / Insidefoto / Deepbluemedia
Photo Courtesy: Andrea Staccioli / Insidefoto / Deepbluemedia

Four-time Hungarian Olympian Katinka Hosszu announced via Facebook today that she and her coach/husband, Shane Tusup, will be splitting ways after attempting to work through personal and professional differences.

In her post, Hosszu explained,

“I would like to get ahead of the gossip, sadly Shane and I haven’t been able to resolve our personal issues, therefore we are no longer working together. I’m still preparing for the upcoming competitions while looking at my options for my support team.”

The two began dating while swimming at the University of Southern California, before tying the knot in 2013. In December, Hosszu posted on Facebook that she and Tusup were experiencing a difficult time in their relationship and filed for divorce in February, but followed that with a Facebook post in March captioned “you and me against the world.”

Hosszu has not competed since the 2017 European SC Championships, where she took home six gold medals (50, 100, 200 back & 100, 200, 400 IM). She is expected to return to competition this coming weekend in California at the 2018 Speedo Grand Challenge, where she is listed on the psych sheet for the 50 & 100 free, 50, 100 & 200 back, and 200 & 400 IM.

Tusup served as Hosszu’s coach from 2012 through the 2017 World Championships in a time where Hosszu grew rapidly as a swimmer. Under Tusup’s tutelage, Hosszu blasted her way through Hungarian National Records and World Records alike, at one time becoming the first woman to own all five individual medley world records.

Hosszu’s training came under scrutiny in 2015, when commentator Casey Barrett penned an article titled “Are Katinka Hosszu’s Performances Being Aided?”

Following the publishing of the article, Hosszu sued Barrett and Sports Publications International for defamation, but the suit was dismissed on August 12, 2016 by the Arizona District Court. She appealed, but the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit affirmed the dismissal in a 2-1 majority vote.

The 2016 Rio Olympics saw Hosszu achieve a dream that she had not been able to achieve at her previous three Olympics: a spot on the Olympic podium. Hosszu collected a total of four medals (three gold, one silver), posting new Olympic and World Records in the process.

Many in the sport of swimming have questioned Tusup’s intense training methods, while others admired his emotional reactions to her races. Their relationship was covered by several mainstream media sites throughout the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The Straits Times and NBC Sports contributed to this report. 


  1. Paul Birmingham

    Sad to hear their personal business has be aired all over the media. Difficult time for both parties.

  2. Jennette Hawk-Gonzalez

    Finally, that guy was a jerk and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was extremely abusive and controlling of her. Your better off without him, good luck

    • Philipp Fröschl

      You have some seriouse problems you feminist. The guy gave her 10 years of his life, 10 years for ” HER ” carrer and not his own, 10 years of hard work and sweating blood every day, 10 years of supporting her while daily training her to a multiple olympic champion and one of the greatest swimmers in the world, and you call im ” controlling and abusive ” you have some mental issues girl, I slowly understand why most men go MGTOW, its becouse of you and your sick way of thinking.

      • avatar

        Firstly, ‘feminist’ isn’t an insult. Unless you truly believe that the oppression of women is right.

        But I agree, assuming abuse is not right. If you check Tusup’s side of the story, he claims that she slept with one of her training partners last year and only recently admitted this to him.

        From his point of view, now would probably be the time I’d regret the tattoo of her face….

  3. Jun Bug

    Jason Kwan could’ve been me and u

    • Josh Royal

      Who’d have thought mixing 2 nutters, a strict coach-athlete relationship and a marriage all together wouldn’t work out? ?

    • Marie Royal

      Josh Royal yeah, bit of a frightening relationship there. Lots of tats to laser off now…. ?

  4. Sam MacBean

    Wow, I really thought they would work through it. I do wish her the best as I really admire her as a swimmer and athlete

    • avatar

      As much as I respect her as an athlete, Tusup claims she slept with a training partner last year and I ain’t got no time for that

  5. Carol Allen

    Time she for out underneath his iron thumb.

  6. Millie Royal

    I knew the whole idea of the coach husband that never had arguments was too good to be true ? Marie Royal

  7. avatar

    It should be very interesting to see how Hosszu swims this summer and during the short short course world cup season to follow. It will also be of interest to see where her husband/coach ends up. With his track record with Katinka he should be able to go out and get a great coaching job with another athlete or small world class training group. And Hosszu should be able to swim fast in a large number of events per meet under another coach or training group. If neither thing happens then that raises some questions. As a swim fan I hope everything they accomplished over the past five years was legitimate and they both continue to have success.