Katie Ledecky Blazes Past American and NCAA 1650 Free Records

Photo Courtesy: Stanford Athletics

Katie Ledecky powered past her own American record and Leah Smith’s NCAA record in the women’s 1650-yard freestyle today while swimming at the Ohio State Invitational.

Ledecky stopped the clock at a 15:03.92 to finish more than a minute ahead of the competition. That time lowers her 2014 American record of 15:13.30 by close to ten seconds and lowers Smith’s 2015 NCAA record of 15:25.30.


Not only was Ledecky’s 1650-yard freestyle an American record, but she slipped past her own 1000-yard freestyle NCAA record in the process with a split of 9:08.99.

The 1650-yard free record marks Ledecky’s second American and fourth NCAA record since joining the Stanford Cardinal for her freshman season. Ledecky also took down the 500-yard freestyle American and NCAA records while swimming at the Ohio State Invitational, along with the NCAA record in the 1000-yard freestyle in last weekend’s dual meet against the Texas Longhorns.


  1. avatar

    She should’ve swum men race at this meet where her time would get third place. But because it would be done in close competition she would win it going under 15 min.

  2. Teresa Gelsi

    A female Michael Phelps.

    • avatar
      A dude

      Not a female Michael Phelps! Just Katie Ledecky!

      You’d never call a great male distance swimmer “a male Janet Evans.” Women are women. They’re not female versions of men.

    • Michael Hobert

      No, Katie is a phenomenon unto herself. She is greater than any comparison you might make to any other athlete.

    • avatar

      🙂 🙂 Male/female dispute when we are talking about Katie Ledecky’s achievements can be easily resolved with the help of SW’s conversion utility.
      It converts 15:03.92 CSY into 15:27:09 LCM for male or into 15:17.68 LCM for female. Katie Ledecky has already passed 15:27 Mark long time ago. So the verdict is clear: she is a female who by her domination of the field superseded everybody including male Phelps. Probably young Tiger could be of the same level of extreme.

  3. Steven English

    Let’s all pretend to be surprised!

  4. Chris Derks

    Ledecky is more dominant. He’s a male Katie Ledecky.

  5. avatar

    Depending on what her coach wants her to swim at NCAA’s, she will most likely get first place in all 3 events (200 yard freestyle, 500 yard freestyle and 1650 yard freestyle) ALL 4 years of college (if she decides not to turn pro). To know that it is very possible for her to achieve during her college career is just mind blowing!!! She’s already breaking the American and NCAA records during her freshman year, and its about 4 months until NCAA’s (so much time for her to improve).

    No one has a chance at beating Ledecky unless she loses focus, but she doesn’t seem like that type of person. Especially, when we have already seen what shes been able to accomplish during the Olympics.

  6. Mary-Helen Hopkins

    The only thing I can figure out (just kidding!) is that she walks like us and talks like us, but she is actually from some other planet.

    • Mary-Helen Hopkins

      Which is to say that she’s just phenomenal and I wish her all the best continued great performance going forward!

  7. avatar
    Steve Clark

    14:48 at NCAA Div I seems possible, but at the same time unimaginable before the Ledecky Era.

  8. Mykhaela Cram

    Way to easy for her. To blaze past olympic and world records was easy for her too. Way to go katie

  9. John Razi

    Total Inspiration.!!!! Incredible-family. Early morn’ “Bruce”…too. A life….gift !!!!

  10. Eli Gang

    Alexis Regopoulos Ben Shriner Ian Furst: 15:03…. why do I even bother waking up

    • Alexis Regopoulos

      I could do that… if I cut off about a 300 of my race

    • Ian Furst

      Challenge accepted

  11. Mark Morrell

    Freak! She’s just not natural. Always amazes us.

  12. Joseph Brossart

    Ignatius Brossart How’d she look?

  13. Kevin Huilman

    When talent meets an amazing work ethic, this is what you get. It’s awesome. I’ve seen some of her workout logs, I’m so glad she puts those crazy efforts in there so I can be amazed by how easy she makes it look during races.