Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen Writes About The Lifetime of Sport as the Best Gift of Swimming

PHOENIX, Arizona, January 8. KARLYN Pipes-Neilsen, one of the top Masters swimmers of all time, wrote about the give of a lifelong love of sport as part of the gift of swimming in his quarterly Pool's Edge column.

The column, with an awesome image of Karlyn and her mother Adrienne, covers a variety of sports lessons gained by training as a Masters swimmer.

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January 2012 Issue
Contents of The January issue:

8 The Year in Review by Jason Marsteller
16 Olympic Flashback
by Jeff Commings with special contributions by Steve Johnson
Each month from January through July, Swimming World will chronicle the history of swimming at the Olympic Games from Athens in 1896 through Beijing in 2008. This month: 1896-1912.
18 Unfinished Business
by John Lohn After taking a needed break from competitive swimming after the Beijing Olympics, Olympic gold medalist Brendan Hansen is back in the water, confident there's a lot more he can accomplish.
21 Lane Lines to London sponsored by Competitor
by Jason Marsteller
Beginning in its January issue and running through June, Swimming World Magazine will provide monthly regional Olympic previews. This month: Asia.
24 Disabled Swimmers of the Year by Jason Marsteller
Female: Jessica Long, USA Male: Daniel Dias, Brazil
25 Defining Moments: World Cup by Jason Marsteller
27 Pool's Edge: The Gift of a Lifetime by Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen The best gift of all is the gift of swimming!
28 Dryside Training: Great Start for a Great Year! by J.R. Rosania
30 Q&A with Coach Don Kimble by Michael J. Stott
32 How They Train: Courtney Bartholomew
by Michael J. Stott
34 American Relay by Judy Jacob
35 TYR Age Group Swimmer of the Month

6 A Voice for the Sport
38 Lane 9/Gutter Talk
40 For the Record
45 Calendar
46 Parting Shot

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