Junya Koga Faces 4-Year Ban by FINA For Doping

Koga, Junya-8
Photo Courtesy: David Farr

Olympian Junya Koga of Japan is facing a four-year ban by a FINA doping panel, according to sources from multiple news outlets.

Koga was a Rio Olympian and also won multiple world championships. He failed two drug tests in March and was kicked off the Japanese national team. If the decision is announced and is not overturned, Koga would miss a chance a the Olympics in his home country.

Koga said in a hearing in late August that the positive test resulted from taking dietary supplements, according to the Kyodo News.

According to sources, Koga sought a reduction in sanction at the hearing before an impartial panel in late August, but his request was rejected. He claimed he did not act intentionally, the Kyodo News reported.
Koga could still appeal the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and have his doping ban overturned or reduced.