Joseph Schooling Believes He Can Take Down Michael Phelps’ 100 Fly World Record

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At NCAA’s in March, Singaporean Olympic gold medallist Joseph Schooling stated that he was gunning for Michael Phelps’ world record in the 100 fly. Schooling told Channel News Asia that he was looking to break that world record this summer at the World Championships in Budapest.

“I’m looking forward to that race and deep down I think if I do what I know I can do, if I execute everything well perfectly, I’d have a really good shot,” Schooling told Channel News Asia. Schooling won the Olympic gold medal last summer in Rio with his best time of 50.39 ahead of Phelps in the ladder’s last individual race of his illustrious career. Phelps’ world record stands at 49.82 set at the 2009 World Championships in Rome.

Schooling will likely get pressure from South Africa’s Chad Le Clos, who is the two time defending World Champion in the event, as well as Hungarian icon Laszlo Cseh, who will be swimming in his home country. Le Clos holds the fastest time in the world this year in the 100 at 51.29.

Schooling also said he is “especially excited” to race the 200 butterfly, an event he did not compete in in Rio last summer, electing to swim the 100 free instead.

“Physically we’ve put in all the work … shouldn’t have a problem finishing a 200 fly, It’s all about whether I can get the mental side down,” he said. Schooling referenced Japanese Olympic silver medalist Masato Sakai and that he has been keeping tabs on his Japanese rival and that he has posted “serious” times this year as Schooling put it. Sakai has the world’s leading time in the 200 fly with a 1:53.71. Schooling will also get pressure from Hungarian rising star Tamas Kenderesi, who has the third fastest time in the world this year in the 200.

Schooling swum the 200 fly at the Arena Pro Swim Series meet in Atlanta earlier this month with a 1:56.45. Schooling says he is in much better condition than he was at the NCAA Championships in March, where he missed the finals of the 200 fly, an event where he was the two-time defending champion. Schooling didn’t have a “bad” meet so-to-speak, where he swam the second fastest time ever in the 100 fly when he got out-touched by Caeleb Dressel, as well as helped Texas win it’s third straight team title. But Schooling wants to put this year’s NCAA Championships behind him.

“Now that I have experienced what losing really feels like … I don’t want to feel like that ever again,” he said. “I’m done feeling that way. And that’s good.”

Schooling will compete in all three butterfly events and two relays at this summer’s World Championships in Budapest.

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  1. R Scott Dunn

    Records are made to be broken ! How did it go head to head ?

  2. Daniel Haverty

    I don’t think Dressel is a big pool guy, Joe has a great shot.

  3. Carol Foley

    Yes because you only swim one race and he swims in 10 times that amount.

    • Elena Alvarez

      Agree! A lot of people dismiss that fact. Michael was never able to show his true potential in that race due to his loaded schedule.

    • Carol Foley

      Yup and the zillions of heats per events. No one mentions that. MIchael would blow him away and anyone else if he only did fly.

    • Dylan Gray

      Yep. That’s what separates phelps. He smashed wr’s in multiple races all at once, competing against dudes who swam and specialized in only one or two events.

    • avatar

      Bunch of losers. Lost means lost. Why make a fuss when Phelps lost to Schooling? Give credit when credit is due. This is not the only time he defeated Phelps. He defeated Phelps at least 3 or 4 times in that year. Many people claimed he is only good in 100 fly but in reality he can be very good in other events such as 200 fly, 200 IM and 100 freestyle if he focuses & trains hard on these events. Don’t be deceived! Rio Olympics is a good example. He is capable to surprise the world!

    • Phelps is awesome and no doubt my favorite swimmer of all time.

      However, who cares about the difference? He wants to break the record. By all means, go for it.

      Phelps’ resume won’t take any hit if he does.

  4. Annabelle Ancheta

    Remember Only ONE Michael PHELPS ! You can swim good not as be as Michael Phelps ✌️ if you bet all and more gold medals MP then I believed you ! ✌️

  5. Joanne Newton

    I wish him luck but hope it doesn’t happen……

  6. Roberto Camino

    It would be interesting to see those guys in Budapest…

  7. Clare Higgins

    I think he can too, records are made to be broken. The changing of the guard in that 100 fly final in Rio was almost poetic- the dude’s got talent

    • Alejandro Villalobos

      Mas que talento, sabe lo que es el esfuerzo y sabe resistir el dolor, eso te lleva a la victoria

  8. Duquemin Jean-Paul

    I a big M.P supporter but good luck raising the bar is all ways good it’s good to have something to chase ??

  9. avatar

    He will do it. He has billions of people believing in him and supporting him!

  10. Sue Fam

    Go for it why back down…think MP should be proud to see the young 8yr kid that took a photo with him, grows up to beat him in Rio then beat his record. Meant MP has really made an impact on the kids. Gives meaning to MPs legacy

  11. Stephen Paul

    Good luck. Phelps had a lot to prove that race and a polyurethane suit

  12. Justin Ryan

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  13. Tri Bui Minh

    As I know, no one can beat under 50s since swimmers changed to textile jammers. Nevertheless, what Schooling showed in Rio, there is no doubt that he can do! ?

  14. Brett Davies

    I don’t think he can and also do not under estimate Caleb Dressel

  15. Kelly Selch Zancanaro

    90% mind, 10% other…when these athletes train so many hours everyday (mine is only just 12)…I remind her…all these athletes are training hard just like you…but only a percentage of them truly believe they can be the best…typically, it’s those that we’ll see be the best!

  16. Swaipayan Dutta

    Micheal phelp is micheal phelp he has som uniqueness in him.N0 body can compare micheal with any other……..

  17. Fahed Mostafa Sallora

    Emir Al Sabbagh معلم ما ظن يطلعلك مع مايكل فليبس

    • Emir Al Sabbagh

      فهدو انا املي فيك تكسحو…جهز حالك نعملنا شي فطور سوا

  18. Tim Sucki

    Nils Mißner Eric Friese

  19. Ric Joline

    the only way records are broken is when someone believes they can do it.

  20. Rachel Richardson

    Don’t like braggarts! Anyone athlete with sheer talent is to be humble and “just do it”!

  21. avatar

    When little David has crack the skull of Goliath with just a sling and a stone with God’s
    Help I don’t see why this little Asian can’t beat the giants
    of this world. They are no big deal anymore. Just keep your
    Faith, trust God and be humble. Azizul Hasni Awang from last
    to first a good example of an athlete who never gives up despite
    his size to the giants of this world.