Japan’s Yukiko Inui Dominates Artistic Swimming World Series in Canada

Photo Courtesy: Joao Marc Bosch

Japanese artistic swimming ace Yukiko Inui performed her best this weekend in Surrey, Canada, as the city hosted the seventh-of-ten leg of the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series 2018.

Olympian Inui clinched the gold medal in the Solo Tech and Solo Free, scoring 91.1170 and 92.9667 respectively, while Ukraine’s Yelyzaveta Yakhno secured the silver medal in both routines. Host star Jacqueline Simoneau took bronze in both events too.

Yukiku Inui also claimed the gold medals at stake in both the Duet Technical (with partner Megumu Yoshida, 91.5126) and Free (with partner Kanami Nakamaki, 92.9333). Anastasiya Savchuk and Ukraine’s Yelyzaveta Yakhno pocketed the silver in both and Canada’s Jacqueline Simoneau / Claudia Holzner took bronze.

Ukraine triumphed in all Team events, scoring 90.7305 in the Team Technical, 93.2000 in the Team Free, 92.9000 in the Free Combination and 92.7667 in the Highlight.

You can read detailed reports about the Surrey meet on the FINA website.

The ten-leg circuit next stops in Los Angeles, USA, from June 7-9.

The provisional ranking is available here.

Medallists in Surrey (CAN):

Solo Technical
1. Yukiko Inui (JPN) 91.1170; 2. Yelyzaveta Yakhno (UKR) 89.6622; 3. Jacqueline Simoneau (CAN) 89.4107

Solo Free
1. Yukiko Inui (JPN) 92.9667; 2. Yelyzaveta Yakhno (UKR) 91.3667; 3. Jacqueline Simoneau (CAN) 90.7667

Duet Technical
1. Yukiko Inui / Megumu Yoshida (JPN) 91.5126; 2.Anastasiya Savchuk / Yelyzaveta Yakhno (UKR) 90.9190; 3. Claudia Holzner / Jacqueline Simoneau (CAN) 88.6506

Duet Free
1. Yukiko Inui / Kanami Nakamaki (JPN) 92.9333; 2. Yelyzaveta Yakhno / Anastasiya Savchuk (UKR) 91.7333; 3. Jacqueline Simoneau / Claudia Holzner (CAN) 89.5667

Mixed Duet Technical
1. Lee Gabin / Byun Jaejun (KOR) 70.4526

Team Technical
1. Ukraine (UKR) 90.7305; 2. Japan (JPN) 90.3419; 3. Canada (CAN) 86.5904

Team Free
1. Ukraine (UKR) 93.2000; 2. Japan (JPN) 92.3667; 3. Canada (CAN) 87.6333

Free Combination
1. Ukraine (UKR) 92.9000; 2. United States (USA) 84.5333

Team Highlight
1. Ukraine (UKR) 92.7667; 2. France (FRA) 86.7000

2018 FINA Artistic Swimming World Series Calendar:

1 – Paris-Montreuil (FRA): March 9-11
2 – Beijing (CHN): April 20-22
3 – Tokyo (JPN): April 27-30
4 – Samorin (SVK): May 11-13
5 – Budapest (HUN): May 18-20
6 – Madrid (ESP): May 25-27
7 – Surrey BC (CAN): May 31- June 2
8 – Los Angeles (USA): June 7-9
9 – Syros Island (GRE): June 15-17
10 – Tashkent (UZB): June 29-July 1

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