Japanese Star Rikako Ikee Diagnosed With Leukemia

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Japanese national record holder Rikako Ikee has been diagnosed with leukemia, sharing the news in a tweet on Tuesday.

Ikee wrote a lengthy post in Japanese. When roughly translated, it reads:

“Thank you all for your support and everyone involved. Thank you for your support and support from around the day. At this time, I was diagnosed with an emergency return from Australia as a bad condition, and I have a diagnosis of “leukemia.”

“Myself, I still can’t believe it, and it’s a confused situation. But if you do a solid treatment, it’s also a disease that will heal. As a schedule for the future, I have to give up the competition of the Japanese Championship. Now I’m going to take a little rest and devote myself to treatment.”

According to an article that appeared in The Japan Times, the 18-year old is currently hospitalized after the disease was found in the early stages. The swimmer had been training down in Australia, but cut the trip short after chronic fatigue and poor results in training.

“I had never seen her breathing as heavily as that,” her coach, Jiro Miki shared with The Japan Times. “We took her to a local hospital to check her blood and heart but decided to return to Japan as quickly as possible to undergo further tests,” he elaborated. “But as for her motivation to beat this disease, I can only bow my head at her determination.”

Ikee will be skipping the upcoming National Championships in April, which serve as Japan’s qualifying meet for the 2019 World Championships, in order to undergo treatment for the disease.

“I will rest a little and dedicate myself to treatment,” the swimmer said. “I will strive to show you an even stronger version of myself. Thank you for your encouragement and warm thoughts.”

Ikee is the national record holder in the 50, 100, and 200 free and 50 and 100 fly, and was named the MVP of the 2018 Asian Games after winning six gold medals, all in record time.

Olympian and world record holder Sarah Sjostrom was one of the first international swimmers to throw support behind Ikee, posting on her Instagram account that her “eyes are filled with tears” reading the news of her friend’s diagnosis, and that she was “Sending all my strength and love to you!”

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ニュースを知って、ただただ驚いた。なんて言えばいいのか本当にわからないけど、今はとにかく治療に専念して欲しい。東京五輪に向けてって言う人もいるかも知れないけど今はそこに向けて戦うのではないと思う。何より健康、体調が最優先。 世界の最前線で戦ってるリカコなら病気にも圧勝してくれるって信じてる。 しっかり治してまた素敵な笑顔を見せてください。 リカコが休養してる競泳チームが弱くなったって思われないように頑張るね。 日本中が、世界中のスイマーが応援してるよ so sad news about my teammate Rikako being diagnosed with leukemia. We are all supporting and thinking of you Sending prayers and wishes to @ikee.rikako from Team Elite

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The Japan Times contributed to this report.


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