Japan Declares State Of Emergency In Tokyo As Coronavirus Cases Hit Daily Record

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Japan declared a state of emergency in Tokyo and three nearby areas on Thursday as coronavirus cases continue to surge with the Olympics due to start in a little over six months.

According to the Associated Press, cases hit a daily record of 2,447 in the capital with prime minister Yoshihide Suga issuing the declaration.

It will last from Friday until 7 February and centres on restrictive measures as opposed to a lockdown seen in the likes of Britain, Germany and the Netherlands to name but three.

The declaration carries no penalties but it acts as a strong request as Japan seeks to balance driving down the cases while keeping the economy going.

Restaurants and bars are to close at 8pm with people being asked to stay home and not mingle in crowds.

Schools will remain open as will shopping malls while cinemas, museums and other events will be asked to restrict numbers.

According to the AP, places that defy the request will be publicized on a list, while those that comply will be eligible for aid, according to officials.

Prime minister Suga promised more aid for hospitals with the Japanese military on standby while work on getting a vaccine approved and delivered is continuing.

He said:

“The global pandemic has been a tougher one than we expected, but I’m hopeful we can overcome this.

“For this to happen, I must ask citizens to endure life with some restrictions.

“I am confident we can overcome this, but I must ask all of you endure a restricted life for a while longer.

“Please take this matter seriously as your own, to protect all precious life, your parents, your grandparents, family and friends, over generations.”

The action comes a day after IOC vice-president Dick Pound said the most realistic way of saving the Olympics – which have already been pushed back a year to July 2021 – was to give athletes priority access to the vaccine.

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