Industry News: Surf-Fur Waterparka is Swim Parka of the Year!

Spend a day on deck wearing a Surf-Fur Waterparka and your old swim parka will end up hanging in your closet, forever abandoned.

Like most parkas, the Surf-Fur is purpose-built: you wear it before going into the pool to stay warm and dry; you wear it over your wetsuit/swimsuit during surface intervals to keep the chilly wind from stealing your body heat; and you wear it after the day's swimming to re-warm your core.

But here's what makes the Surf-Fur Waterparka special; Its double-sided fleece material is both windproof and waterproof, yet breathable. Made from 100-percent polyester, the inner and outer layers are bonded together by a membrane which allows vapor to pass through, but not water molecules. The fleece is also hydrophobic, holding less than one percent of its weight in water. The result is a soft, comfy surface on both sides. You'll really appreciate this at the end of the day when the inside of the parka is damp from being worn over your wetsuit. Simply turn the jacket inside out and, once again, you have a dry parka. The best part is that it will never get soaking wet and heavy like any other swim parka on the market.

The Surf-Fur Parka offers an internal cell phone pocket plus a pair of deep hip cargo pockets that are also special; they allow your hands to pass all the way through, enabling you to wear it as a modesty over-garment when you're changing in or out of your suit. That's right–no more dropped towels and embarrassing flashes. That alone should make this parka a keeper.

At the end of the day, after easily slipping back into street clothes under the Surf-Fur without creating a scene, reverse the parka to the dry side, flip up the hood, bury your hands in the warm pockets and settle in for the ride home.

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