Individual and Relay Masters World Records Set in Arizona and Florida

PHOENIX, Arizona, June 14. JANET Evans wasn't the only swimmer breaking Masters world records last weekend, with more long course meters marks set at meets in Arizona and Florida.

On Friday, the Tucson Ford Aquatics foursome of Al Jaegers, Jeffrey Utsch, Barry Roth and Scott Shake swam a 3:57.73 in the 400 freestyle relay at the Southwest Classic in Tucson. The time shattered the old mark of 4:15.54 in the 200-239 age group, set by Gloucester Masters last year. The following day, Jaegers, Utsch, Shake and Jeff Krongaard stepped up for the 800 freestyle relay, posting a time of 8:51.74, which broke the world record of 9:20.61 held by SG Dortmund.

The bulk of the weekend's world records were set at the Bumpy Jones Classic in Sarasota, Fla., eight of which were done in relays. However, two of those records were trumped by the above swims done in Arizona.

Deb Walker was responsible for the three individual world records, posting them in all three breaststroke distances (40.87, 1:30.66, 3:17.24) in the 60-64 age group.

Following is a list of the new relay world records set in Sarasota. The former world records are listed in parentheses:

Maureen Hughes, Pat Sargent, Danielle Ogier and Jeannie Mitchell of Gold Coast Masters: 240-279 Women's 400 medley relay, 5:51.60 (5:52.38)
Hughes, Sargent, Ogier, Mitchell: 400 free relay, 5:10.93 (5:18.54)
Hughes, Sargent, Ogier, Mitchell: 800 free relay, 11:30.92 (12:05.24)

Charles Weatherbee, Robert MacDonald, Patricia Tullman and Jean Troy of Florida Maverick Masters: 320-359 Mixed 400 free relay, 6:43.08 (7:59.10)

Keefe Lodwig, Jan Soderstrom, Rick Walker and Ed Mench of Sarasota Y Masters: 240-279 400 free relay, 4:22.05 (4:33.41)

Steve Mortimer, Bill Brenner, Brian Saylor and Jack Groselle of Sarasota Y Masters: 200-239 400 medley relay, 4:34.41 (4:46.25).
Jack Groselle, Bill Brenner, Rob Butcher and Mark Drennen of Sarasota Y Masters: 200-239 400 free relay, 4:03.63, time surpassed by Tucson Ford Masters
Jack Groselle, Bill Brenner, Mark Drennen and Brian Saylor of Sarasota Y Masters: 200-239 800 free relay, 9:03.74, time surpassed by Tucson Ford Masters