Include Dry-Land Exercises If You Want to Maximize Your Skill in The Water


When every fraction of a second and every stroke matters anything you can do to shave a little off your previous time can make a world of difference. This is why dryland training geared towards a swimmer’s needs is so important for anyone who wants to be their fastest and have a competitive edge. It is not just for those times when you cannot actually get into the water to train. Dryland training should be in addition to your wet training when possible because if done correctly it can reinforce your swim training with the added difficulty (benefit) of gravity.

The Best Types of Dryland Exercises to Include in Your Regime:

  • First, you should do your stretches before each swim while still on dry land. These same warm-up type stretches should be done before both your dryland exercises and your swim sessions to prevent injury and to get your body in performance mode physically and mentally. These stretches should focus on the arms, with arm circles and the legs with kicks and squats and with some core Pilates that includes planks and light crunches just to get the blood flowing. 
  • You will want to workout on dryland in a way that reinforces your form in the water. Any swimmer knows that proper form is vital to make the most of each movement and maximize muscle energy. This will mean focusing on core strength and stability with weights. You are not weight training to build mass, you are using weights to challenge your body to make the same movements out of the water with the additional weight that you will do in the water. Many swimmers use resistance bands for this. 
  • Finally, you must do cardio on the days you don’t swim and in addition to your swim training on some days. This will keep your endurance at the maximum level because while some down days each month are vital, people lose muscle mass and stamina faster than most realize. To keep up your stamina be sure to add an endurance cardio routine. Many swimmers run because it uses different muscle groups in general than swimming so you do not have an overuse injury, yet it still requires full metabolic action from the heart, lungs, and muscles so you keep fit. If jogging or running is not possible try to do a cardio routine that gets your heart pumping anyway. 

If you have been trying to find ways to increase your stroke rate, endurance, and overall stamina then these dryland exercises should challenge you at first then become easy over time. If you find the regime becomes too easy it is time to increase the difficulty so you are always challenging your body to perform just a little bit better than before.

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