Ian Thorpe Helps Launch Swimming Australia’s “Junior Dolphins”

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia

Australian Olympic gold medalist Ian Thorpe is joining forces with Swimming Australia to launch a new Junior Dolphins program designed to help teach kids water safety and to feel comfortable in the water.

Thorpe explained to the television show Sunrise why he believes the program is so necessary, especially as the Australian summer is fast approaching.

“It’s a sport where survival is the reason. You start out learning about pool safety, and then it progresses to a stage where you’re able to enjoy the water. Whether it’s in the backyard pool, down at the beach or river or any holiday you might go on. That’s what this is about. It’s about encouraging the social, the fun aspects of swimming for young people. It’s the first time Swimming Australia has created a program like this, the Junior Dolphins.”

This program has no competitive elements (aside from reduced fees for joining a swim club). Thorpe just wants to help children feel more comfortable in the water and have fun.

“What I loved about the pool as a kid was how I felt, how I was able to move in it. I carried that exploratory nature during my career, and that’s was what interested me in training.”

Thorpe retired from the sport in 2006 after winning five Olympic gold medals in his career and four times being named Swimming World World Swimmer of the Year. He attempted a brief comeback a few years later but failed to qualify for Australia’s 2012 Olympic team.

Watch Thorpe’s appearance on Sunrise here.


  1. Leah Allen

    Richard Allen

  2. David Ruiz Rey

    the most stylish swimmer ever

  3. Trudy Marais

    One of my all time favs. What beautiful stroke he has. Such a treat to watch him swim

  4. Vittorio Pulpo

    The greatest freestyle swimmer of all time, and The most talented one for Sure. The PERFECT stroke. If only he had resisted untill supersuit arrived now we’d have had 3.35 in 400 and maybe 1.40 in 200. Ian is a MASTER and a LEGEND

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      Thorpe’s career peaked in 2001, and in 2005 was in a decreasing path.
      He retired one year later northeless Worlds2007 in Melbourne, Australia (where Phelps broke his 200 free WR in a textile suit).
      Impossible for Thorpe being at his best in 2008, when supersuits arrived.