Hammerhead Swim Caps Discuss Minimizing Head Injuries in Swimming

David Burns and Theresa Finn sat down to talk about their Hammerhead swim caps. Photo Courtesy: Swimming World TV

Hammerhead Swim Caps Chief Operating Officer David Burns and Chief Executive Officer and President Theresa Finn sat down with Swimming World TV’s Brent Rutemiller at the 2019 ASCA World Clinic in Dallas to talk about their special product. The Hammerhead swim cap is a cap designed to minimize head injuries in the water and make the athletes safer.

Burns talked about the origins of the Hammerhead swim cap when his eight-year-old daughter was swimming backstroke at a summer league practice among 40 other swimmers when she hit her head on the wall and immediately burst into tears. While Burns and other coaches were checking on his daughter, another older swimmer in the practice also hit her head on the wall and suffered a minor concussion.

Burns asked his daughter at the time, “what do I need to do? Get you a helmet?” to which she replied, “yes, please!”

Finn and her husband were on deck at that practice and went home that night to create a prototype for what Burns suggested, and inserted a non-porous foam insert to put into the swim cap. This was the start of the Hammerhead swim cap.

Burns reinforced that the cap is not designed to prevent concussions in swimming but “it will help on the proactive side to be able to help mitigate.”

From a performance point of view, the Hammerhead swim cap has low drag on top of it and is designed to fit better and more comfortably on the swimmer’s head, and Finn brought up that they have never had one of their caps rip, meaning it has durability that other swim caps do not have.

The caps come in three different sizes – small, medium and large – compared to most swim caps that are “one size fits all.”

The Hammerhead swim caps can be purchased here.

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