Hammer Head Swim Cap Released for Swimmer Safety

Photo Courtesy: Hammer Head Swim Caps

MINNEAPOLIS – Hammer Head® — a new U.S.- designed swim cap is set to keep head safety top of mind for hundreds of thousands of aquatic athletes, triathletes and open water swimmers across the country. The first major safety evolution in swim cap design in more than a century, the Hammer Head cap looks and feels like a standard issue silicone swim cap but incorporates both a new, patent pending safety technology and a seamless, wrinkle-free fit for enhanced performance.

Hammer Head features patent pending HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology™ – a layer of honeycomb “pillars” on the inside of the top of the cap designed to help absorb the shock of impact from collisions with pool walls and other swimmers in busy practice pools, meet warmups or in crowded open water swims. TEKFIT™ – Hammer Head’s design also brings two important features: an evolved fit, longer in the sides to protect swimmers’ ears and seamless, wrinkle-free construction to eliminate cap drag and enhance performance.

“Many club swimmers, some coaches and athletes don’t think of swimming as a contact sport,” says David Burns, president Martha Burns Swim Schools, a 20-year veteran swim coach and co-founder of Hammer Head Swim Caps. “But the truth is water sports in general is a top ten sport for head injury and accounts for 30 percent more trips to the hospital ER than hockey, lacrosse and rugby combined. If you’ve ever swam in, or coached at, a busy practice pool, swim meet warm up, synchro or triathlon events you will know what we mean. It’s not a matter of if a swimmer will hit their head, it’s when.”

First conceived four years ago, the Hammer Head has been comprehensively designed, engineered and tested. The result is a dramatic evolution, if not revolution, in swim cap design that adds the first ever impact reduction technology to a cap and re-engineers the fit for greater comfort, ear protection and reduced cap drag.

Hammer Head Swim Cap Features:

  • HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology™ – a layer of honeycomb “pillars” located on the inside top of the cap designed to help absorb and dissipate the shock of impacts with pool walls and swimmers
  • TEKFIT™ – evolved cut that is more hydrodynamic, eliminating top of cap wrinkles to reduce cap drag in the pool; and to cover swimmers’ ears to help reduce water flowing in the ears that can cause swimmers’ ear infections.
  • Premium silicone fabrication – looks and acts like a traditional silicone swim cap

Like all great innovations, Hammer Head started with an aha moment. In 2013, Burns, owner of the Martha Burns network of swim schools was at a swim team practice when two young swimmers – his daughter eight and another 14-year-old athlete – independently hit their heads on the pool wall performing back stroke finishes. David remarked that swimmers should have helmets – and the idea for Hammer Head was born.

Burns is joined at Hammer Head by co-founder Theresa Finn, a sports brand marketing and business development executive with a young competitive swimmer of her own who personally suffered a head injury swimming backstroke. Together Burns and Finn formed Mako International LLC, parent company and manufacturer of Hammer Head swim caps.

“We’ve seen other competitive sports assess the risk of head injuries and design protective head wear to help,” says Finn. “But until now, swimming has lagged behind when it comes to head safety protection. We’re here to raise awareness about head injury the sport and do what we can to help protect aquatic athletes of all ages and skill levels.”

Hammer Head swim caps have already attracted the attention and support of members of the professional swim community including three time Olympian and former world record holder Tom Malchow, who says he’d rather have his kids head a soccer ball, something that is outlawed in youth soccer, than hit the pool wall with their heads.

Manufactured in the U.S. for Mako International LLC, Hammer Head swim caps will be available for purchase starting February, 1, 2018 at www.hammerheadswimcaps.com with swim store availability to follow. Hammer Head Swim Cap MSRP is $34.95 with price break discounts for swim teams, clubs, coaches and organizations purchasing caps at volume.

For more information visit www.hammerheadswimcaps.com or like Hammer Head Swim Caps on Facebook.

About Hammer Head Swim Caps

Hammer Head Swim Caps is a patent-pending and trademarked product of Mako International LLC, co-founded by David Burns, a 20-year expert swim coach and swim school owner, and Theresa Finn, a sports brand marketing and business development executive. The Hammer Head Swim Cap is the first major innovation in swim cap design in more than a century. The cap incorporates new, patent-pending HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology™ – honeycomb “pillars” that absorb the impact of collisions with pool walls and other aquatic athletes. Hammer Head swim caps are also designed to provide a more exact fit on the actual shape of the human head. Caps cover swimmers’ ears, reducing water flow in and out which can cause swimmers’ ear infections and are more hydrodynamic by eliminating top of cap wrinkles, which in turn reduces drag in the pool. Hammer Head is on a mission to prevent head injuries in the pool one cap at a time.

Press release courtesy of Hammer Head Swim Caps. 


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    Ironically I just saw another post about Football & the large drop in concussion since the youth organization started putting new protocols in place like “Heads Up”. I mentioned in a comment on that article how I knew swimmers who ended up with minor concussions due to running into the pool after missing their backstroke count from the flags in… Definitely going to check it out…

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    As an emergency/trauma RN, I would love to know where you got those research numbers… are you including ear infections? Jet skis? Boating?
    Are you including injuries like heels being sliced open when doing flip turns? Choking on gum during swim practice? Seizures in the water from preexisting conditions? Getting kicked in the stomach/groin during a mass triathlon start? All would be considered “water injuries” that I’ve seen but would not be prevented with a bulky swim cap.
    And the sheer number of people involved in water sports also far outweighs that of lacrosse. Comparing apples to oranges…to lump this all together is really deceiving.

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